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!The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, 6th Edition

28% Off

Online Price: $35.95
Retail Price: 49.95
You Save: $14.00


The most trusted source of leadership wisdom, updated to address today's realities The Leadership Challenge is the gold-standard manual for effective leadership, grounded in research and written by the premier authorities in the field. With deep insight into the complex interpersonal dynamics of the workplace, this book positions leadership both as a skill to be learned, and as a relationship ...

!Wordpress for Dummies, 8th Edition

24% Off

Online Price: $29.60
Retail Price: 38.95
You Save: $9.35


The bestselling guide to WordPress fully updated Updated to capture all the changes expected to come with the latest release of WordPress, the brand-new edition of this bestselling guide gives you an all-access pass to using this powerful publishing platform to get your very own blog or website up and running in no time. In WordPress For Dummies, you'll find out how to choose and customize a ...

Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care

18% Off

Online Price: $63.95
Retail Price: 77.95
You Save: $14.00


In response to the growing emphasis on clinicians' capacity to practise effective communication, Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care provides real-time communication scenarios and interprofessional case studies. The book engages healthcare trainees from across medicine, nursing and allied health services in a comprehensive and probing discussion of the communication demands that ...

Inside Real Estate : Buy, Sell and Profit in Any Property Market

28% Off

Online Price: $21.95
Retail Price: 29.95
You Save: $8.00


The real world of modern real estate exposed Inside Real Estate is a down-to-earth consumer guide for anyone navigating the property market in the digital age. Written by industry veteran Peter O'Malley, this book exposes the truth about modern real estate and shows you how to work the market to optimize your financial benefit. Forget what you've seen or heard ? the media's hype surrounding real ...

Kokoda: Beyond the Legend

17% Off

Online Price: $49.95
Retail Price: 59.95
You Save: $10.00


Courage. Endurance. Mateship. Sacrifice. These values, engraved in stone at the Isurava war memorial, have become synonymous with the Australian experience during the Kokoda campaign of 1942. The story of Kokoda and of the fighting in Papua has been told and retold in books, films and documentaries, but these popular narratives rarely explore beyond this one campaign. Kokoda: Beyond the Legend ...

Promoting Health 5th Edition

20% Off

Online Price: $67.96
Retail Price: 84.95
You Save: $16.99


Promoting Health examines the social, environmental, cultural and psychological determinants of health and illness and the role that primary health care has in addressing health inequalities and the broad range of skills that health practitioners need to address this issue. In this new edition, the authors have uniquely utilised two fundamental tenets central to all health promotion practice and ...

The New Annotated Frankenstein

14% Off

Online Price: $42.96
Retail Price: 49.95
You Save: $6.99


"Remarkably, a nineteen-year-old, writing her first novel, penned a tale that combines tragedy, morality, social commentary, and a thoughtful examination of the very nature of knowledge", writes Leslie S. Klinger. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is often reductively dismissed as a monster film or a cautionary tale about experimental science gone haywire. Illuminating every hidden dimension of the ...

The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook

28% Off

Online Price: $35.96
Retail Price: 49.95
You Save: $13.99


Ten years ago, Jim Lahey's My Bread (ISBN 978 0 393 06630 2) caused a home-baking renaissance. Now this sequel introduces home bakers to sourdough versions of the pugliese, brioche and multigrani for which the Sullivan Street Bakery is known-including a step-by-step guide to making sourdough starter from the bloom that appears on fresh organic produce. In addition, The Sullivan Street Bakery ...

The Writing Revolution

28% Off

Online Price: $33.80
Retail Price: 46.95
You Save: $13.15


Why You Need a Writing Revolution in Your Classroom and How to Lead It In recent years, with the advent of the Common Core, teachers at almost all grade levels have been expected to have students write not just narratives but also informative and argumentative essays. To date, there's been little reliable research-backed guidance on how to teach students those skills. The writing standards in the ...
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22% Off

Online Price: $109.20
Retail Price: 140.00
You Save: $30.80


CLINICAL SPORTS MEDICINE 5TH EDITION Volume 1 INJURIES "A striking feature of Clinical Sports Medicine has always been the authors' relentless commitment to 'clinical'. This is a unique book." Dr Emma K Stokes, President, World Confederation for Physical Therapy EDITORS PETER BRUKNER BEN CLARSEN JILL COOK ANN COOLS KAY CROSSLEY MARK HUTCHINSON PAUL McCRORY ROALD BAHR KARIM KHAN ...

!Hanks Australian Constitutional Law Materials and Commentary, 10th Edition

14% Off

Online Price: $128.99
Retail Price: 149.99
You Save: $21.00


Description This book considers the concepts underlying our Constitution and explores constitutional decision-making in context. It reviews all of the important constitutional decisions of the High Court of Australia, and exposes the issues that arise in those decisions to a critical analysis. The book covers all major areas of study in both constitutional law and public law. Updates for this ...

!Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, 8th Edition

21% Off

Online Price: $156.95
Retail Price: 197.95
You Save: $41.00


Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, 8e consists of 16 chapters, four of which cover specific leadership skills and qualities covered in each of the book‚*s four sections. Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy draw upon three different types of literature‚*"empirical studies; interesting anecdotes, stories and findings; and leadership skills‚*"to create a text that is personally relevant, ...

!Promoting Literacy Development: 50 Research-Based Strategies for K-8 Learners

19% Off

Online Price: $76.14
Retail Price: 94.00
You Save: $17.86


Promoting Literacy Development: 50 Research-Based Strategies for K-8 Learners presents the essential literacy strategies that are used by classroom teachers for teaching reading and writing to children in elementary schools. Intended as a supplement to primary texts that are utilised in the reading methods courses, the book will be used principally in undergraduate and graduate teacher education ...

!Psychology For Nurses

22% Off

Online Price: $67.99
Retail Price: 86.99
You Save: $19.00


PRESRIBED TEXT FOR: Institution: Australian Catholic University - Melbourne - Faculty of Health Sciences Course: HLSC111 Psychology Semester 1 2017 This text aims to be useful and relevant for student nurses from all backgrounds with a range of professional aspirations. It demonstrates the importance of psychology in both the nursing role and in health care in general.

!Social Work: Contexts and Practice, 3rd Edition

18% Off

Online Price: $73.76
Retail Price: 89.95
You Save: $16.19


Social Work: Contexts and Practice is a comprehensive introduction to the field of social work. Now in its third edition, it continues to speak to both Australia and Aotearoa, addressing common trans-Tasman concerns while at the same time responding to the unique experiences of social work within each country. The book is divided into three broad sections: Part 1 explores the context of practice ...

Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials (2nd Edition) (Apple Training) (Paperback)

20% Off

Online Price: $51.95
Retail Price: 64.95
You Save: $13.00


Book Description The only Apple-certified book on supporting Mac OS X 10.5, this comprehensive reference takes support technicians and Mac aficionados deep inside the new operating system, covering everything from installation to networking technologies, and more. Following the learning objectives of the Apple Certified Support Professional exam, the lessons in this self-paced volume serve as a ...

Distributed Game Development: Harnessing Global Talent to Create Winning Games

53% Off

Online Price: $31.95
Retail Price: 66.95
You Save: $35.00


Key Features - Building a core team that excels at working with external development partners. - Finding and Evaluating studios and publishers to help get your game built. - Effectively dividing up game projects into parts that can be distributed. - Saving your teams from the brutality of crunch. - Running your projects more efficiently and achieve better results. - Includes interviews with ...

Leadership Skills Handbook

30% Off

Online Price: $22.95
Retail Price: 32.95
You Save: $10.00


The Leadership Skills Handbook identifies the cores skills leaders need to develop. Each skill is placed in context to help readers think about how they should be used. It also takes a new approach: there is space for recording notes and real life examples of skills in action, so that readers can develop their own unique formula for success. With this in mind, the handbook can become a personal ...

MCTS Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 (Exam # 70-680), 1st Edition - THIS IS THE OLD EDITION, FOR THE NEW REVISED 1st EDITION, USE THE FOLLOWING ISBN: 9781285868578

18% Off

Online Price: $120.95
Retail Price: 147.95
You Save: $27.00


THIS IS THE OLD EDITION, FOR THE NEW REVISED 1st EDITION, USE THE FOLLOWING ISBN: 9781285868578 Prescribed text for Lidcombe TAFE | Semester 2 | 2014: Level III Cert 10305 Introducing a complete guide to deploying and managing Windows 7 that is suitable for IT professionals and students alike! This instructional text provides the information users need to successfully migrate to Windows 7 and ...

Office 2013: The Missing Manual


Online Price: $46.99
Retail Price: 69.99
You Save: $23.00


Microsoft Office is the world's most popular productivity suite, but with its wide array of programs, it's hard to know where to start. This practical and entertaining guide not only gets you started with Office, it reveals all kinds of useful things you didn't know the software could do - with plenty of power-user tips and tricks when you're ready for more. You'll be creating documents, ...

Official (Isc)2 Guide to the CISSP Cbk, Fourth Edition


Online Price: $95.00
Retail Price: 125.00
You Save: $30.00


As a result of a rigorous, methodical process that (ISC)^2 follows to routinely update its credential exams, it has announced that enhancements will be made to both the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential, beginning April 15, 2015. (ISC)^2 conducts this process on a regular basis to ensure that the examinations and subsequent training and continuing professional ...

SAP System Operations


Online Price: $104.95
Retail Price: 149.95
You Save: $45.00


With system landscapes becoming increasingly more complex, administering them efficiently is proving to be equally difficult. This unique new book provides you with concepts and practical solutions that will enable you to optimize your SAP operations. Get in-depth information to set up a viable Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for SAP systems, as well as time-saving tips for certification and ...

Trauma, Recovery, and Growth


Online Price: $94.95
Retail Price: 131.95
You Save: $37.00


The latest theory and research on understanding posttraumatic stressand its treatment, providing evidence-based clinical interventionsusing techniques drawn from positive psychology It is known that exposure to stressful and traumatic events can have severe and chronic psychological consequences. At the same time-mindful of the suffering often caused by trauma-there is also a growing body of ...

Writing Without Bullshit : Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean


Online Price: $29.99
Retail Price: 49.99
You Save: $20.00


Joining the ranks of classics like The Elements of Style and On Writing Well, Writing Without Bullshit helps professionals get to the point to get ahead. It's time for Writing Without Bullshit. Writing Without Bullshit is the first comprehensive guide to writing for today's world: a noisy environment where everyone reads what you write on a screen. The average news story now gets only 36 seconds ...
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A Book for Midwives : Care for Pregnancy, Birth, and Women's Health

0% Off

Online Price: $59.99
Retail Price: 59.99
You Save: $0.00


A Pattern of Islands

24% Off

Online Price: $26.56
Retail Price: 34.95
You Save: $8.39



0% Off

Online Price: $0.00
Retail Price: 0.00
You Save: $0.00


Featuring 450 large full-color illustrations, this comprehensive atlas shows how more than 200 disorders can disrupt the human body's equilibrium. It is designed to help healthcare professionals visualize disease processes, understand the rationales for clinical interventions, and explain to patients how diseases develop and progress. Introductory chapters illustrate basic pathophysiologic ...

Acts of the Apostles

25% Off

Online Price: $89.25
Retail Price: 119.00
You Save: $29.75


Joseph A. Fitzmyer, a Jesuit priest, is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America and resident in the Jesuit community at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He has edited and published numerous books on the New Testament, ancient Aramaic, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and has served as president of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical ...

Alternative Dispute Resolution, 5th Edition

17% Off

Online Price: $104.59
Retail Price: 126.01
You Save: $21.42


This is a prescribed text for: ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY Alternative Dispute Resolution (Winter) LAW3525 Alternative or Additional Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes are used to resolve conflict, support agreement, and plan future actions. In this new and expanded edition the author draws upon more than two decades of work in theory development, practice, training, research and assessment to provide ...

Ancient Rome for Senior Students

5% Off

Online Price: $41.75
Retail Price: 43.95
You Save: $2.20


Ancient Rome for Senior Students is a topic book suited to students of Senior Ancient History in Queensland. It provides detailed studies on five themes from the syllabus. CONTENTS 1 A study of political centrism in Rome : Republican Rome - Background: The rise of the Roman Republic - Focus Question 1: Why did Tiberius go to the Citizen Assembly first for approval of his land reforms? - Focus ...


0% Off

Online Price: $0.00
Retail Price: 0.00
You Save: $0.00


Awaken the Giant within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Physical and Emotional Self

0% Off

Online Price: $27.99
Retail Price: 27.99
You Save: $0.00


Shows readers how to clarify their personal values, resolve internal conflicts, master emotions, and overcome debilitating habits.

Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary/Drainage

5% Off

Online Price: $68.60
Retail Price: 72.21
You Save: $3.61


Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Water Supply, 3rd Edition

17% Off

Online Price: $64.95
Retail Price: 77.95
You Save: $13.00


Basic Plumbing Service Skills: Water Supply, 3e is the second textbook in the Plumbing Skills Series. Basic Plumbing Service Skills: Water Supply, 3e builds on the basic skills, knowledge and understanding introduced in Basic Plumbing Services Skills, 3e.Fully updated to current industry practices, this edition covers both 'common' and 'water' stream competencies in the CPC Construction, Plumbing ...

Building a House: Framing Practices


Online Price: $86.99
Retail Price: 86.99
You Save: $0.00


Building Construction Illustrated, 5th Edition


Online Price: $50.95
Retail Price: 70.95
You Save: $20.00


The classic visual guide to the basics of building construction, now with a 3D digital building model for interactive learning For over three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest information in Francis D.K. Ching's ...

Building Stronger Communities


Online Price: $35.56
Retail Price: 39.95
You Save: $4.39


A very readable book that examines in a lucid and practical way means by which communities can be strengthened. The book differs from comparable volumes in that it includes extensive material on communities of interest, as well as those based on locality. It includes useful principles and pointers for students, community workers, designated community leaders, policy makers and ordinary citizens.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary with CD-ROM, 4th Edition


Online Price: $52.25
Retail Price: 62.95
You Save: $10.70


A fully updated edition of the best-selling Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. This paperback edition is ideal for advanced (C1-C2) learners of English and contains up-to-date vocabulary, including words from the areas of technology, media, language, society, and lifestyle, plus important words for academic study. With over 140,000 words, phrases, meanings, and examples, hundreds of ...



Online Price: $10.00
Retail Price: 99.99
You Save: $89.99


This introduction to modern electrical engineering contains material on circuitry, electronics and electromechanics. It has been revised and updated to include coverage of microprocessors and to reflect the latest changes in the rapidly developing field of electronics.

Climate Change and Small Island States


Online Price: $57.39
Retail Price: 69.99
You Save: $12.60


Climate Change and Tourism in the Asia Pacific


Online Price: $181.22
Retail Price: 221.00
You Save: $39.78


Contribute to the Team (DVD)


Online Price: $275.00
Retail Price: 275.00
You Save: $0.00


Conveyancing Law and Practice Vol 1


Online Price: $137.71
Retail Price: 170.01
You Save: $32.30


Corporations Legislation 2017


Online Price: $68.04
Retail Price: 84.00
You Save: $15.96


This is a prescribed text for: ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY Corporate Law - Law School LAW2505 Corporations Legislation 2017 has an outstanding reputation for accuracy, dependability and reliability. This fully consolidated legislation book includes the Corporations Act 2001, Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 and associated Acts and legislation, capturing the latest amendments ...

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