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Java Internationalization

by: Andy Deitsch, David Czarnecki

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Publisher: O'REILLY,2001/03/30

Category: JAVA Level: I/A

ISBN: 0596000197
ISBN13: 9780596000196

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Java Internationalization shows how to write software that is truly multi-lingual, using Unicode, a standard system that supports hundreds of character sets for most modern languages and many ancient ones. [Full Description]


Table of Contents


  1. Introduction to Internationalization

          What Are Software Internationalization, Localization,

          and Globalization?

          Why Choose Java for International Applications?

          What is a Locale?

          A Simple Application

  2. Writing Systems

          Ancient Writing Systems

          Far East Writing Systems

          Bidirectional Scripts

          Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic

          Indic Scripts

          Thai Script


  3. Locales

          Defining a Locale

          Working with the Locale Class

          Querying for Locale Information

          Checking Available Locales

  4. Isolating Locale-Specific Data with Resource Bundles

          Why Use Resource Bundles?

          The ResourceBundle Class

          How Resource Bundles Are Discovered and Named

          Property Resource Bundles

          List Resource Bundles

          Resource Bundle Caveats

          Deploying Resource Bundles with Applets

          Design Considerations for Resource Bundles

  5. Formatting Messages

          Date and Time Formats

          Number Formats

          Message Formats

  6. Character Sets and Unicode

          What Are Character Sets?

          What Are Encoding Methods?

          What Is Unicode?

          Unicode Encoding Methods

          Code Set Conversion

  7. Searching, Sorting, and Text Boundary Detection

          Collation Issues

          Sorting in Java

          Tailoring Collation

          Improving Performance


          Detecting Text Boundaries

  8. Fonts and Text Rendering

          Characters, Glyphs, and Fonts

          Java? Font-Related Classes

          Components for Rendering Complex Text

          TrueType Font Support in Java

          Working with the font.properties File

          Adding New Fonts to Your System

  9. Internationalized Graphical User Interfaces

          General Issues

          Component Orientation

          Internationalization and Localization Caveats

          for Various Components

          Using a Layout Manager

          Copying, Cutting, and Pasting International Text

          A Simple Example

  10. Input Methods

          What Are Input Methods?

          What Is the Java Input Method Framework?

          Selecting Input Methods

          Using the Input Method Engine SPI

          Developing a Simple Input Method

          How to Package and Install Input Methods

          Developing a More Complex Input Method

  11. Internationalized Web Applications



          JavaServer Pages

  12. Future Enhancements to the Internationalization

          Support in Java

          Unicode 3.0 Support

          Enhanced Complex Text

          Character Converter Framework

          Improving the Input Method Framework

  A. Language and Country Codes

  B. Character Encodings Supported by Java

  C. Unicode Character Blocks

  D. Programmer? Quick Reference

  E. Internationalization Enhancements

  Across Versions of the JDK