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by: Andy Rathbone

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Publisher: IDG,July 2000

Category: WINDOWS ME Level: B

ISBN: 0764507354
ISBN13: 9780764507359

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Windows Me controls your computer. But how do you control Windows Me? Don't worry! With best-selling computer-book author Andy Rathbone at your side, you'll figure out how to tame those buttons and boxes, install software or a peripheral, connect to the Internet, and take advantage of those cool multimedia features.


Table of Contents


About This Book

How to Use This Book

Please Don't Read This!

And What about You?

How This Book Is Organized

          Part I: Bare-Bones Windows Me Stuff

          Part II: Making Windows Me Do Something

          Part III: Using Windows Me Applications (And Surfing the Web, Should the Mood Strike)

          Part IV: Help!

          Part V: The Part of Tens


Icons Used in This Book

Where to Go from Here

  Part I: Bare-Bones Windows Me Stuff

Chapter 1: What Is Windows Me?

What Are Windows and Windows Me?

What Does Windows Do?

How Does Windows Me Affect My Older Programs?

Should I Bother Using Windows Me?

          Upgrading from Windows 95

          Upgrading from Windows 3.1

Bracing Yourself (and Your Computer) for Windows Me

  Chapter 2: Ignore This Chapter on Computer Parts

The Computer

The Microprocessor (CPU)

Disks and Disk Drives

          Floppy disks

          Compact discs (CD-ROM drive stuff)

          DVD discs

          Iomega drives

          Hard disks

          What disk drives does Windows Me like?

          What does write-protected mean?

The Mouse and That Double-Click Stuff

Video Cards and Monitors


          Groups of keys

          More key principles

          Print Screen: The one, fun, weird code key

Modems and the Internet



Sound Cards (Making Barfing Noises)


Parts Required by Windows Me

  Chapter 3: Windows Me Stuff Everybody Thinks You Already Know

Backing Up a Disk


The Cursor

Defaults (And the Any Key)

Desktop (And Wallpapering It)


Dragging and Dropping



Folders (Directories)

Graphical User Interfaces

Hardware and Software


The Internet

Kilobytes, Megabytes, and So On

Loading, Running, Executing, and Launching


The Mouse

Multitasking and Task Switching



Plug and Play

Quitting or Exiting

Save Command

Save As Command



Temp Files

The Windows

The World Wide Web

      Part II: Making Windows Me Do Something

Chapter 4: Starting Windows Me

Revvin' Up Windows Me

          It wants me to enter a password!

          It wants me to choose whether to click or double-click!

          Starting your favorite program with the Start button

          Some of my menu options are missing!

Pull-Down Menus

          Loading a file

          Putting two programs on-screen simultaneously

Using the Keyboard

Printing Your Work

Saving Your Work

Quitting Windows Me

  Chapter 5: Field Guide to Buttons, Bars, Boxes, Folders, and Files

A Typical Window


          The title bar

          The menu bar

          The scroll bar

          The taskbar


The Button Family

          Command buttons

          Option buttons

          Minimize/maximize buttons

The Dopey Control-Menu Button

Dialog Box Stuff (Lots of Gibberish)

          Text boxes

          Regular list boxes

          Drop-down list boxes

          Check boxes

          Sliding controls

Just Tell Me How to Open a File!

Hey! When Do I Click, and When Do I Double-Click?

When Do I Use the Left Mouse Button, and When Do I Use the Right One?

  Chapter 6: Moving Windows Around

Moving a Window to the Top of the Pile

Moving a Window from Here to There

Making a Window Bigger or Smaller

Making a Window Fill the Whole Screen

Shrinking Windows to the Taskbar

Turning Taskbar Buttons into Windows

Switching from Window to Window

          The Alt+Tab trick

          The Alt+Esc trick

The Way-Cool Taskbar

          Switching to another window

          Ending a task

          Cascading and tiling windows

          Arranging icons on the desktop

          Finding the taskbar

  Chapter 7: I Can't Find It!

Plucking a Lost Window from the Taskbar

Finding a Window That's Off the Edge of the Screen

Tiling and Cascading Windows (The 'Deal All the Windows in Front of Me' Approach)

Finding Lost Files, Folders, People, or Computers

          Finding files or folders

          Finding snippets of stored information

          Finding people

          Finding computers

          Searching the Internet

  Chapter 8: That 'Cut and Paste' Stuff (Moving Around Words, Pictures, and Sounds)

Examining the Cut and Paste Concept (And Copy, Too)

Highlighting the Important Stuff

Deleting, Cutting, or Copying What You Highlighted

          Deleting the information

          Cutting the information

          Copying the information

          Finding out more about cutting, copying, and deleting

Pasting Information into Another Window

Using the Clipboard Viewer

Leaving Scraps on the Desktop Deliberately

  Chapter 9: Customizing Windows Me (Fiddling with the Control Panel)

Finding the Control Panel

Customizing the Display

          The display's background

          The display's screen saver

          The display's appearance (getting better colors)

          Display settings (playing with new video modes)

Folder Options and the Active Desktop

          Active Desktop

          Web view

          Browse folders

          Click items as follows

          View and File Types

Adding Fun Desktop Themes and Effects

Viewing Your Computer's Fonts

Making Windows Me Recognize Your Double-Click

Setting the Computer's Time and Date

Fiddling with the Printer

Sounds and Multimedia

Adding New Hardware

Adding and Removing Programs

Icons Covered Elsewhere

Icons You Should Avoid

      Part III: Using Windows Me Applications (And Surfing the Web, Should the Mood Strike)

Chapter 10: The Windows Me Desktop, Start Button, and Taskbar

Rolling Objects along the Windows Me Desktop

          Using the Recycle Bin

          Making a shortcut

          Uh, what's the difference between a shortcut and an icon?

The Start Button's Reason to Live

          Starting a program from the Start button

          Adding a program to the Start button

          Shutting down Windows Me

Making Windows Start Programs Automatically

The Taskbar

          Clicking the taskbar's sensitive areas

          Customizing the taskbar

Controlling the Printer

Chapter 11: Those Scary Windows Explorer and My Computer Programs

Why Is Windows Explorer So Scary?

Getting the Lowdown on Folders

Peering into Your Drives and Folders

          Seeing the files on a disk drive

          Seeing what's inside folders

Loading a Program or File

Deleting and Undeleting Files and Folders

          Getting rid of a file or folder

          How to undelete a file

Copying or Moving a File

Selecting More Than One File or Folder

Renaming a File or Folder

Using Legal Folder Names and Filenames

Copying a Complete Floppy Disk

Creating a Folder

Seeing More Information about Files and Folders

Dragging, Dropping, and Running

How Do I Make the Network Work?

Making My Computer and Windows Explorer List Missing Files

Formatting a New Floppy Disk

  Chapter 12: The Free Programs!





          System Tools

          Address Book



          MS-DOS Prompt


          Painting in Paint

          Windows Explorer

          Windows Movie Maker

          Word processing with WordPad


The Online Services

          America Online

          AT&T WorldNet

          Earthlink Internet Services


          MSN (Microsoft Network)


Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

Windows Media Player

My Version of Windows Me Doesn't Have the Right Programs!

  Chapter 13: Cruising the Web, Sending E-Mail, and Using Newsgroups

What's the Difference Between the Internet, the World Wide Web, and a Web Browser?

Who Can Use the Internet and World Wide Web?

What's an ISP and Do I Need One?

What Do I Need to Access the World Wide Web?

What Is a Web Browser?

How Do I Navigate the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

          What's a Home page?

          How do I move from Web page to Web page?

          How can I revisit my favorite places?

          What's an index or search engine?

How Does Windows Me Improve Internet Access?

It Doesn't Work!

          I can't get it to install!

          I keep getting busy signals!

          The Web page says it needs [insert name of weird plug-in thing here]!

          The Web page says that it's optimized for Navigator, not Explorer!

          I can't figure any of this stuff out!

Managing E-Mail With Outlook Express

          Setting up Outlook Express 5.0

          Getting ready to send e-mail

          Composing a letter

          Reading a received letter

          What does the 'News' area do?

          Finding and reading a Newsgroup

      Part IV: Help!

Chapter 14: The Case of the Broken Window

Making a Startup Disk

Restoring Calm with System Restore

My Mouse Doesn't Work Right

I'm Stuck in Menu Land

I'm Supposed to Install a New Driver

His Version of Windows Me Has More Programs Than Mine!

I Clicked the Wrong Button (But Haven't Lifted My Finger Yet)

My Computer Is Frozen Up Solid

The Printer Isn't Working Right

My Double-Clicks Are Now Single-Clicks!

  Chapter 15: Error Messages (What You Did Does Not Compute)

Not Enough Memory

Please Insert a Disk into Drive A:

The Disk in the Destination Drive Is Full

The File or Folder That This Shortcut Refers to Can't Be Found

This Filename Is Not Valid

This File Is a Program. If You Remove It, You Will No Longer Be Able to Run

  This Program or Edit Some Documents.

Open with . . .

You Must Type a Filename

Cannot Open Internet . . . A Connection to the Server Could Not Be Established.

My Computer Keeps Saying That Windows Me Wasn't Properly Shut Down!

Chapter 16: Help on the Windows Me Help System

Get Me Some Help, and Fast!

          Press F1

          Click the right mouse button on the confusing part

          Choose Help from the main menu

          Sending in the Troubleshooters

Consulting the Windows Me Built-In Computer Guru

Finding Help for Your Problem

Finding Help on the Web

          Contact Support

          MSN Computing Central Forums

          MSN Computing Central Message Boards

Taking a Tour and Tutorial

      Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten New Windows Me Goodies

Using PC Health

Installing Digital Cameras and Scanners

Using Help

Playing Online Games

Editing Video with Windows Movie Maker

Taming Media Player

The Icons Are Different

Keeping Windows Me Up-to-Date through 'Windows Update'

  Chapter 18: Ten Aggravating Things about Windows Me (And How to Fix Them)

What Version of Windows Do I Have?

I Want to Click Instead of Double-Click (Or Vice Versa!)

I Don't Like the Mouse!

My Bar Full of Buttons Just Fell Off!

It's Too Hard to Keep Track of All Those Windows

The Taskbar Keeps Disappearing!

My Print Screen Key Doesn't Work

Windows Me Didn't Install All the Programs Listed on the Box

It's Too Hard to Line Up Two Windows on the Screen

The My Computer and Windows Explorer Programs Show the Wrong Stuff on My Floppy Disk

Turning Off That Annoying Active Desktop

Turning the Ugly Channel Bar On or Off

  Chapter 19: Ten Expensive Things You Can Do to Make Windows Me Run Better

Buy More Memory

Shell Out the Bucks for a Bigger Hard Drive

Order a Faster Pentium Computer

Put a 3-D Graphics Accelerator Card on the Credit Card

Beg for, or Borrow, a Bigger Monitor (Or Two)

Buy a CD-RW Drive

Buy a TV Tuner Card

Snap Up a Faster Modem

  Chapter 20: Ten (Or so) Windows Me Icons and What They Do

  Chapter 21: Ten Most Frequently Asked Windows Questions

How Can I Remember All the Stuff I Can Do to a File?

Should I Upgrade to Windows 2000 instead of Windows Me?

How Do I Make Windows Stop Asking for a Password When It Starts?

How Can I See Previews of My Pictures?

How Can I Make All My Web Pages Open in a Full-Screen Window?

What Will I Miss If I Don't Use the Internet with Windows Me?

  Appendix A: Installing Windows Me

Turning On the Computer

Removing the Wrapper from the Box

Upgrading to Windows Me

Installing Windows on a New Computer

          Choose the Typical Setup option

          Type your name, company, and network information if asked

          Set your time zone and geographical location

Leaving Windows Me

Turning Off the Computer

  Appendix B: Glossary