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Home Networking For Dummies, 2nd Edition - If you want to order the 3rd Edition, please perform a new search using the following ISBN: 0764588494

by: Kathy Ivens

On-line Price: $8.95 (includes GST)

Paperback package 384

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Retail Price: $34.95

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons,30.09.03

Category: NETWORKING Level: B/

ISBN: 0764542796
ISBN13: 9780764542794

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A network is a system of two or more computers that are connected in some manner (you have lots of choices about the 'manner'). Each computer on the network has access to the files and peripheral equipment (printers and modems) on all the other computers on the network.

Using multiple computers is much easier if you have a network. You don't have to remember which computer you were using when you started that letter to Uncle Harry because you can just reach across the network to finish it using any computer in the house. A home network allows you to do the work you have to do better and more efficiently. You can benefit from a network if you

  Use PCs that run either Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP

Want to share computers on a network, whether they're desktop computers or laptops

Have more people in the household than computers, so more than one person may use any single computer

Home Networking For Dummies isn't a novel, so you don't have to start at page one and read every chapter in order - you can't spoil the ending. This book is meant to be digested on a subject-by-subject basis. Each chapter is self-contained, covering a specific subject. You'll gain insight into:

  Planning and installing your home network

Performing some software tasks to fine-tune your network

Using your network to access or print files from other computers

Keeping your network safe from viruses and intruders

Preparing for disaster by keeping your computers healthy and making sure you don't lose your data if a computer dies

Creating a network is satisfying, fun, and incredibly useful. Have a good time. You're on the cutting edge of computer technology. By reading this book, you prove that you are a networking nerd - and that's a compliment.

Table of Contents


Part I: Network Basics: The Hardware.

  Chapter 1: What's the Big Deal about Home Networking, Anyway?

  Chapter 2: Installing Network Adapters.

  Chapter 3: Running Cable through the House.

  Chapter 4: Using Wires That Are Already There.

  Chapter 5: Look Ma, No Wires.

  Part II: Setting Up the Computers.

  Chapter 6: Installing Networking Software.

  Chapter 7: Setting Up Shared Internet Connections.

  Chapter 8: Configuring Computer Sharing.

  Chapter 9: Setting Up Users.

  Part III: Communicating Across the Network.

  Chapter 10: Printing across the Network.

  Chapter 11: Getting Around the Neighborhood.

  Chapter 12: Using Files from Other Computers.

  Part IV: Network Security and Maintenance.

  Chapter 13: Making Your Network Secure.

  Chapter 14: Disaster Planning and Recovery.

  Chapter 15: Using Windows Maintenance Tools.

  Part V: The Part of Tens.

  Chapter 16: Ten Fun Things to Do on Your Network.

  Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Make the Internet Safe for Children.


  Kathy Ivens has written more than 60 computer books and countless articles for Windows & .NET Magazine. She's an internationally syndicated columnist who has installed hundreds of corporate networks.