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PC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide

by: Alan Luber

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Publisher: QUE,11.10.02

Category: Security Level: B/I

ISBN: 0789728257
ISBN13: 9780789728258

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Welcome To Your Nightmare

  This picture depicts the central theme of PC Fear Factor: that personal computers are complex, unstable equilibriums.

  It doesn't take much to disrupt any unstable equilibrium, and the result is always disaster. Even the most seemingly innocuous change to your computing environment can precipitate a computer disaster that results in the loss of irreplaceable data, and in many cases, the loss of use of your computer.

  These disasters come in many guises. They can be caused by computer viruses, hackers, or mechanical failure.

They can be self inflicted or inflicted by cruel fate. There are disasters of mysterious, unknown origin: One day, your computer is working just fine, and the next day when you turn it on you find that you are the proud owner of the world's largest and most expensive paperweight.

  When disaster strikes, Murphy's law dictates that it will happen at the worst possible time - when you are trying to meet a critical deadline.

  Many computer disasters are preventable, through the use of certain tools and procedures. Some disasters are unpredictable and unavoidable, such as a hard disk crash or when the installation of a new software application trashes your computer.

  PC Fear Factor: Real Solutions for Real People

  PC Fear Factor is the end user's guide to disaster prevention and recovery. When I set out to write PC Fear Factor, I realized that most people are not computer experts, and that they don't want to have to become computer experts in order to prevent computer disasters.

  PC Fear Factor is written in clear, non-technical language that anyone can understand.

You will received detailed instruction on how to prevent most computer disasters, and how to recover quickly, easily, and completely from unavoidable disasters. You will learn how to use disaster prevention and recovery tools, and you will learn how to implement procedures that minimize the risks of a computer disaster.

In short, you will never wear the expression on your face that you see here.

  I can't make your computer a stable equilibrium. Nobody can - our computing environment becomes more complex with each passing year, as we add more software applications to our computers and install or attach more hardware devices.

  But I can promise you this: if you follow all of the advice and instructions in PC Fear Factor, the fact that your computer is an unstable equilibrium just won't matter anymore, because you will always be able to return your computer to its previous state of equilibrium, and you will never have to worry about losing any valuable data in the process.

  Compute with confidence. Get PC Fear Factor today!

  Have you ever?

  Lost valuable data on your PC?

  Struggled for days or weeks to recover from a computer problem?

  Do you?

  Keep important data on your PC?

  Rely on your PC to be available every day?

  Want to protect yourself from computer disasters?

  Not know where to start?

  Then you need PC Fear Factor

  The ultimate PC disaster prevention and recovery guide

  Easy to use - you don't have to be a computer expert

  Learn how to prevent avoidable disasters

  Learn how to recover easily and completely from unavoidable disasters

  Detailed, easy to follow step-by-step instruction

  A must-have book for all users of Microsoft Windows based computers.

Learn how to protect yourself against hackers, viruses, disk crashes, data loss, and other computer disasters. Learn how to recover quickly, easily, and completely from unavoidable disasters.

   Real solutions for real people with real problems. PC Fear Factor doesn't gloss over things at a high level and then point you elsewhere for a solution.

        Buy PC Fear Factor Today!


Easy to use. Written in clear, non-technical language that anyone can understand.


An uncompromising, comprehensive work.

Read PC Fear Factor and you will agree: it is truly the ultimate PC disaster prevention and recovery guide.


Replaces fear with confidence.

Here are all the answers to your worst computer related fears. PC Fear Factor enables you to overcome any computer disaster fate or felons throw your way.


The PC Fear Factor promise:

If you follow the advice and the clearly written, step-by-step instructions in this book, you will never have to worry about a computer disaster again.

      Personal computers play a more important role in our lives than ever before. We use our computers to store digital photographs, music, videos, web pages, financial records and other critical documents. We depend on our computers to be available night and day so that we can do e-mail, e-commerce, e-banking, web surfing, homework, investing, and a hundred other tasks - things that were once considered to be conveniences of life and are now considered to be essential.

  Every time we learn how to use a new application, we create more data and expose ourselves to greater risk of losing irreplaceable data. Yet most people never consider the possibility of a computer disaster or the gut wrenching impact that such a disaster will have on their lives until it is too late.

  As we find more ways to use our computers, our computing environments become increasingly complex and more prone to failure.

Our computers are unstable equilibriums, where the slightest change can precipitate a colossal computer disaster.

  When the inevitable disaster strikes, you can kiss your irreplaceable digital photos, MP3s, master's thesis, financial records good-bye.

And you can spend several weeks and hundreds of dollars trying to get your computer working again.

  What Will You Do?

  What will you do if the hard drive that contains your wedding photos, investment portfolio, and critical work related documents suddenly stops working?

What will you do if Internet hackers run off with your credit card numbers

and rack up several thousand dollars in purchases?

What will you do if a virus created by a pimple-faced 13-year-old turns

your 200-page master's thesis into goo hours before it's due?

What will you do if your computer freezes up while you are pulling an all-nighter, the victim of a virus or some disaster of mysterious unknown origin, leaving you dead in the water and your job on the line?

What will you do when a newly installed software application or hardware component turns your computer into the world's biggest, most expensive paperweight?