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Management with mymanagementlab, 5th Edition

by: Stephen P. Robbins, Rolf Bergman, Ian Stagg, Mary Coulter

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Publisher: PRENTICE HALL,15.10.08

Category: MANAGEMENT Level:

ISBN: 0733992943
ISBN13: 9780733992940

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Forward thinking...with Robbins!

Management is a dynamic discipline and a textbook in this area must constantly undergo significant changes to prepare students to manage modern, ever-changing organisations within our transforming world.
Now in its fifth edition, Robbins Management builds on the success of its previous editions by exploring the new challenges that face managers today. New topics and features have been added to better reflect the field of management and to capture the excitement of this dynamic discipline. The text highlights six integrative topics throughout. These topics are managing for sustainability, globalisation, innovation, customer service, diversity and ethics. In particular, we believe the inclusion of managing for sustainability is an important recognition of the challenge that must be met by today's managers and organisations as they start to tackle the issue of global warming.
This best-selling text is not a book that just describes management theories. In addition it includes many practical examples and cases, which illustrate the theories in action. As it successfully integrates the various functions of management, the book establishes a dialogue with managers from a variety of fields.
This fifth edition continues to make management concepts meaningful and to excite readers about the possibilities of careers in management.

Introducing MyManagementLab
Every copy of Management 5e comes packaged with a MyManagementLab access code. MyManagementLab is an exciting online and interactive learning tool designed to help both lecturers and students.

New To This Edition


NEW! Increased focus on sustainability. An increased coverage of sustainability has been woven throughout the chapters wherever relevant, along with the addition of a new 'Managing for Sustainability' themed box, in recognition of the challenge that must be met by today's managers and organisations as they start to tackle the issue of global warming.

Other New Topics include:
- Anti-capitalism backlash
- Global outsourcing
- Born globals
- Global political risk categories
- Social investing funds
- Global Reporting Initiative
- ISO 14001
- Social entrepreneurship
- Cultural differences in decision making
- Framing issues
- Business models
- Strategic leadership
- Rolling forecasts
- Early warning indicators
- Keeping employees connected
- Global structural issues
- Blogs/wikis/web conferencing
- Impact of demographic trends on human resource management
- Global organisational development
- Employee stress in different countries
- Workplace misbehaviour
- Impression management
- Managing generational differences
- Managing negative behaviours and bullying in the workplace
- Managing global teams
- Understanding social networks
- Distributed workforce
- Workplace privacy
New Running Case featuring Starbucks. This interesting new case appears at the end of each Part and allows students to discover the challenges of managing a global company across the four major functions of management.

The Research base of the text has been thoroughly updated to provide students with the most current thinking in the area of management.
Every chapter has been updated with numerous new examples from a diverse set of organisations. Attention has been given to presenting a balance of manufacturing and service organisations, large and small organisations, profit and not-for-profit organisations and to include organisations from a variety of different global locations.
MyManagementLab: Pearson Australia is committed to offering market-leading assessment and learning capabilities. MyManagementLab offers an online course management environment for interactive, self-paced student learning and self-assessment as well as advanced course testing. This technology offers more than online content: it offers a complete, interactive and motivational online course experience!

MyManagementLab offers the lecturer:

Customisable online tests that assess student mastery of every objective in the text.
A powerful test manager that allows you to quickly and easily create extra tests that can be delivered in class or in an online environment.
Automatic marking of tests and online homework assignments.
A Gradebook that:
Tracks all students' results on tests.
Helps you to identify key topics and specific questions that your class is having a problem with, allowing you to focus your teaching time more productively.
Exports the results of an entire class into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft ExcelŽ.
MyManagementLab offers students:

An online learning resource that saves them time and improves results.
A diagnostic pre-test to gauge their mastery of the concepts.
A resulting personalised study plan, focusing on the areas where learning is required.
A post-test that offers practise for exam preparation.
Immediate feedback on tests and an automatic Gradebook to monitor results.
Links to the e-text and other learning tools such as Power Points, Glossary Flashcards and local DVD segments.
MyManagementLab provides students with the help they need when they need it.

Features and Benefits


The authors are committed to presenting management concepts in a lively and conversational style, with a careful blend of theories and examples. This, together with the attractive four-colour design, makes the book very appealing to students.
Australasian and international examples and research have been integrated throughout the text, increasing the relevance of the material for readers.
The dominance of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia and New Zealand is recognised with the inclusion of material relevant to these enterprises as well as examples and data from large multinational corporations.
Australian Fusion for Management DVD: Commissioned to support the text, this material features real people talking about how management issues affect them, and is accompanied by written case material and questions. The Fusion for Management DVD, and accompanying teaching notes, were created especially for the text by academics in the field to offer a truly integrated learning experience.
The text provides in-chapter links to ROLLS-Robbins Online Learning System-which is a simple and easy-to-use multimedia site incorporating: 1) Q & A tutorial questions with answers provided in both written and video format, 2) Self-Assessment Library (S.A.L) which provides brief exercises to help students learn more about themselves, and 3) Application exercises that help students apply theories, approaches and ideas they've learnt (Diversity, Ethics & Prism: Practical Interactive Skills Modules).
Pedagogical Features:
Chapter opening story. Each chapter opens with a real case example and colour photograph about a manager or an organisation which relates to the particular content in that chapter.

In-text review questions. At several points throughout the chapters there are groups of questions addressing specific factual information covered in that section.
Key Terms are highlighted when they first appear and are defined in the adjoining margin. They are also listed with page references at the end of the chapter to assist students with their study.
Thinking critically about management issues. Each chapter has questions that are designed to engage the reader by encouraging critical thinking about management issues.
Working Together is a team-based exercise that explores and builds on concepts and theories presented in the chapter. These are ideal for tutorials and discussion groups.
Each chapter has a case application with questions about the case. These allow readers to assess whether they understand and can apply the management concepts discussed in the chapter.
Themed Boxes in every chapter focus on particular issues and ideas relevant to management practice:

- Managers Who Made A Difference boxes focus on individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their application of management practices.
- Managing From A Global Perspective boxes examine the increased globalisation of companies and show how practices need to be developed to ensure long-term survival of corporations.
- Managing IT boxes look at the important issues facing managers as they attempt to effectively manage in a world increasingly reliant on dynamic information technology.
- Managing Workforce Diversity & Inclusion boxes highlight current academic and popular business material that will help students begin to recognise the challenges and rewards associated with managing a diverse workforce.
- Thinking Critically About Ethics boxes introduce students to pertinent and ethically challenging problems, which managers attempt to resolve.
- Managing in the Asia-Pacific Region boxes focus on the importance of this region for Australian and New Zealand businesses and managers.
- Becoming A Manager boxes reinforce the already strong applications orientation of the text by providing suggestions for students on activities and actions they can do right now to help them prepare to become a manager. Each of these boxes includes recommended Self-Assessment Exercises that students can complete in ROLLS (Robbins Online Learning System).
- Managing for Sustainability boxes focus on the importance of recognising global warming/climate change and incorporating environmental awareness into the role of managers.

Table of Contents


Ch 1. Introduction to organisations and management
Ch 2. Management yesterday and today
Ch 3. Environment and organisational culture: the constraints
Ch 4. Managing in a global environment
Ch 5. Social responsibility and managerial ethics
Ch 6. Decision making: the essence of the manager's job
Ch 7. Foundations of planning
Ch 8. Strategic management
Ch 9. Planning tools and techniques
Ch 10. Organisational structure and design
Ch 11. Communication and information technology
Ch 12. Human resource management
Ch 13. Managing change and innovation
Ch 14: Foundations of behaviour
Ch 15: Understanding groups and teams
Ch 16: Motivating employees
Ch 17: Leadership
Ch 18: Foundations of control
Ch 19: Operations and value chain management
Ch 20: Career planning and development