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Mother Teresa, CEO - Unexpected Principles for Practical Leadership (hardcover)

by: Ruma Bose, Louis Faust III (Author)

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Publisher: BERRETT-KOEHLER PUBL,07/05/2011

Category: Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 1605099511
ISBN13: 9781605099514

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Bestseller over 30,000+ copies sold


Offers ten suprising leadership lessons and shows how they can improve snd enrich any leader or organization.

  The first book to portray Mother Teresa as the realistic, pragmatic leader of one of the world's most recognized and successful global organizations

  Offers eight surprising leadership lessons and shows how they can improve and enrich any leader or organization

  Draws on coauthor Ruma Bose's firsthand experiences working with Mother Teresa

When most people think of Mother Teresa, they think of a saint--a spiritual hero of extraordinary humanitarian accomplishments, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. But Mother Teresa was also the leader of one of the world's largest and most successful organizations: the Missionaries of Charity. Since founding it in 1948 she has raised billions of dollars, and with over a million volunteers in more than 100 countries, it remains one of the most recognized brands in the world. How did one nun who never received any formal education in business build such an impressive global organization?

Frank, realistic, and firmly grounded in practicality, Mother Teresa's leadership style helped to inspire and organize people across the world. This book shares eight essential leadership principles drawn from Mother Teresa's example and applies them to today's business world. Authors Ruma Bose, an entrepreneur who volunteered with Mother Teresa, and Lou Faust, a leading business expert, are the first to examine her in this light--as a leader whose management style and dedication to a singular vision led to one of the world's most unlikely success stories.

Mother Teresa may have been a saint, but her spectacular success was not a product of divine providence. Her genius was the simplicity of her vision and her dedication to its implementation. It was in the way she treated her people, refusing to distance herself from the everyday work of a typical sister of the Missionaries of Charity. It was in how she handled tough choices--like accepting donations from brutal Haitian dictator Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier. These were the principles that made her the great leader of a global organization, and they can be applied by anyone in any organization--no sainthood required.

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Meet the Authors

Visit Author Page - Ruma Bose

Ruma Bose is a successful entrepreneur and executive in the consumer industry with over 15 years of experience. In 1992/1993, Ms. Bose spent eight months in Kolkata working with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity. Currently, she serves as President and Co-CEO of Sprayology, a homeopathic and vitamin wellness company. Her career in business includes developing strategies that have raised millions for profit and non-profit ventures.

Visit Author Page - Louis Faust III

Louis Faust is a businessman with more than 25 years of corporate experience. Most recently he was President of Newdea, Inc., a collaboration platform for philanthropic impact. He also is the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Colorado Technology Partners, LLC. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Faust has held a number of board and senior management positions, having run three institutionally funded companies during this time.

Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION The Teresa Principles

Major Milestones in Mother Teresa's Life

Chapter 1: Dream It Simple, Say It Strong

Chapter 2: To Get to the Angels, Deal with the Devil

Chapter 3: Wait! Then Pick Your Moment

Chapter 4: Embrace the Power of Doubt

Chapter 5: Discover the Joy of Discipline

Chapter 6:Communicate in a Language People Understand

Chapter 7: Pay Attention to the Janitor

Chapter 8: Use the Power of Silence

CONCLUSION You Don't Have to Be a Saint

The Missionaries of Charity Today




About the Authors

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'I have always regarded Mother Teresa as one of my role models because she understood and demonstrated through her own being that real leadership comes from the soul. Ruma Bose'sThis exploration of Mother Teresa's deep well of compassion, dignity, empathy and love is a profound meditation on what it means to be a real leader.'
-Deepak Chopra, author of The Soul of Leadership

"Ruma Bose's and Lou Faust's perspective on the iconic Mother Theresa's unique leadership skills is nothing short of a revelation. Having started my career in the social services world, some of the best business managers I have come across hail from that world, with Mother Theresa certainly a leading example. I found myself nodding and "Uh huh-ing" as I recognized the simple but powerful lessons that Mother Theresa's eight principles can teach us all. Simply extraordinary."
-Jim McCann, Founder and CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and Celebrations.com

"Entrepreneurship isn't about starting a business, it's about creating a state of mind.

Bose and Faust do a tremendous job of demonstrating Mother Teresa's entrepreneurial mindset as she grew the Missionaries of Charity around the world.

The eight leadership principles outlined in their book provide both inspiration and guidance to anyone passionate about and committed to building a global organization."
-Leonard A. Schlesinger, President Babson College and former Vice Chairman and former Chief Operating Officer, Limited Brands

'This book is a wonderful addition to Mother Teresa's legacy.

A fantastic journey that gave me insight into simple principles that can be profitably applied to any organization.

Bose and Faust reveal a previously unrecognized facet of this extraordinary woman's life, one that provides lessons any leader can benefit from. Profound, engaging and packed with insight.

I couldn't recommend it more highly.'
-Gloria Nelund, cofounder, Chairman and CEO, TriLinc Global and former head of Deutsche Bank's Private Wealth Management Division for North America
Use inside:

"Numerous articles and books have been written about Mother Teresa the humanitarian. Most of these have been focused on the impact she has had on millions of lives, and not on her leadership skills that played an integral role in making her one of the most successful humanitarians of our generation. This book distills her journey into leadership principles that is easy to understand and emulate. An extraordinary effort and a must read for everyone, particularly aspiring leaders.
-William H.C. Chang, Chairman, Westlake International Group and Owner, DC United and the San Francisco Giants

'Mother Teresa, CEO is an important contribution to the emerging paradigm of 21st century leadership.

Ms. Bose and Mr. Faust have captured the essence of her leadership success in a compelling read that gives each of us practical ideas to leading our organizations. If success is the scorecard, Mother Teresa's principles are a must read!'
-William S. Thompson, former CEO, PIMCO

"Who would have thought an Albanian nun, based in the slums of Calcutta, would build one of the most recognized international organizations in the world.

How did she do it?

Bose and Faust write an inspiring yet practical book demonstrating the simple, profound principles that enabled Mother Teresa to build an organization that continues to do so much good in the world.

A must read for anyone interested in seeing the extraordinary possibilities one person can accomplish with vision, passion and determination.

Fascinating, thought provoking, and insightful!'
-Melanie Schnoll Begun, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Philanthropic Services

'Mother Teresa inspired people throughout the world as a result of her work.

She truly was an extraordinary person.

This book looks at her work through the lens of her leadership for the very first time.

The principles put forth by Ms. Bose and Mr. Faust provide leaders in any organization a framework for ethical and effective leadership in today's tumultuous environment.

Read it.

Apply the principles and you and your organization will be on your way to becoming extraordinary."
-Robert White, Founder and CEO, Extraordinary People and author of Living an Extraordinary Life