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Drupal 6 Performance Tips

by: T J Holowaychuk, Trevor James

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Publisher: Packt Publishing,28.02.10

Category: Content Management Systems (CMS) Level:

ISBN: 1847195849
ISBN13: 9781847195845

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Overview of Drupal 6 Performance Tips

  * Monitor the performance of your Drupal website and improve it

  * Configure a Drupal multisite environment for best performance

  * Lot of examples with clear explanations

  * Choose and use the best Drupal modules for improving your site's performance

Drupal is one of the most respected and widely used open source content management frameworks.

Small, medium, and large-scale websites are built using Drupal and the framework supports ecommerce, CRM, multisite and web service integrations.

Once you get your Drupal site installed and up and running, you will be concerned with site performance and how fast you can make your Drupal site run.

This book will focus on implementing performance modules and solutions to help speed up your Drupal website.

We will look at introductory topics such as upgrading your Drupal site, maintaining your site, and enabling core Drupal page compression and caching.

Then we will turn to an advanced look at some contributed modules that help speed up performance, including Development, Boost, Authcache, Advanced Cache, and the Memcache API and Integration module.

Finally, we'll look at how best to implement a Drupal multisite environment and run it with high-speed performance in mind.

This book is designed for Drupal developers and webmasters who want to increase their Drupal site's speed and performance.

You will take your Drupal site to the next level by not only displaying relevant and newsworthy content, but also running a powerful and high-speed website.

Vastly improve Drupal 6 performance through upgrades, caching, configuring and optimization using core and contributed modules. This title is a must-have for new Drupal users, developers, webmasters, system administrators, and even themers.

What you will learn from this book :

  * Upgrade your Drupal 5 site to Drupal 6 using best practice upgrade paths

  * Back up and maintain your Drupal 6 site using core and contributed modules and utilities

  * Configure the Drupal core and contributed modules for high traffic

  * Run core Drupal page compression, CSS and JS compression, and use Drupal page caching

  * Run scheduled cron tasks to perform crucial garbage-collection processes

  * Use the Development (Devel) module to monitor page loads and queries

  * Use the Boost module for anonymous page caching, tweak Boost settings, and use Boost blocks and advanced Boost settings to monitor site performance

  * Install and use Memcache API and Integration module, and Authcache and Advanced Cached modules to enhance and monitor site performance

  * Configure a Drupal multisite environment for best performance


This is a practical and solution-based book designed to help you to quickly discover and learn about specific aspects of Drupal performance that you are interested in. In each chapter, Drupal-based modular performance tips and solutions are investigated and explained in detail.

Who this book is written for

This book is written for Drupal beginners, developers, designers, and webmasters who utilize the Drupal content management system to create robust websites. It provides crucial performance-related information for users of all experience levels, including Drupal module contributors, webmasters who simply configure and maintain Drupal websites, and even Drupal themers.

This book expects basic knowledge of Drupal operation, configuration and server technologies, and applications including MySQL and PHP.