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Enterprise Information Systems

by: James O'Brien, George Marakas

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,20.03.06

Category: Business Information Systems Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 007110710X
ISBN13: 9780071107105

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O?Brien?s Introduction to Information Systems 13e continues to reflect the movement toward enterprise-wide business applications. George Marakas from the University of Kansas joins as a co-author on this new edition. New real world case studies correspond with this curriculum shift. The text?s focus is on teaching the general business manager how to use and manage the most current IT technologies such as the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets for enterprise collaboration, and how IT contributes to competitive advantage, reengineering business processes, problem solving, and decision-making.

Key Features

Chapter 2: Expanded coverage of Competitive Advantage.

Chapter 4: Complete and expanded coverage of XML, Java, and Open Source code.

Chapter 6: New coverage of Bluetooth and VoIP (Voice Over IP).

Chapter 7: Expanded coverage of Enterprise Business Systems.

Chapter 12: New coverage of Global IT and Outsourcing, including Off-shoring.

Table of Contents

Module I Foundation Concepts
1 Foundations of Information Systems in Business
SECTION I: Foundation Concepts: Information Systems in Business
SECTION II: Foundation Concepts: The Components of Information Systems
2 Competing with Information Technology
SECTION I: Fundamentals of Strategic Advantage
SECTION II: Using Information Technology for Strategic Advantage
Module II Information Technologies
3 Computer Hardware
SECTION I: Computer Systems: End User and Enterprise Computing
SECTION II: Computer Peripherals: Input, Output, and Storage Technologies
4 Computer Software
SECTION I: Application Software: End User Applications
SECTION II: System Software: Computer System Management
5 Data Resource Management
SECTION I: Technical Foundations of Database Management
SECTION II: Managing Data Resources
6 Telecommunications and Networks
SECTION I: The Networked Enterprise
SECTION II: Telecommunications Network Alternatives
Module III Business Applications
7 Electronic Business Systems
SECTION I: Enterprise Business Systems
SECTION II: Functional Business Systems
8 Electronic Commerce Systems
SECTION I: Electronic Commerce Fundamentals
SECTION II: e-Commerce Applications and Issues
9 Decision Support Systems
SECTION I: Decision Support in Business
SECTION II: Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Business
Module IV Development Processes
10 Developing Business/IT Solutions
SECTION I: Developing Business Systems
SECTION II: Implementing Business Systems
Module V Management Challenges
11 Security and Ethical Challenges
SECTION I: Security, Ethical, and Societal Challenges of IT
SECTION II: Security Management of Information Technology
12 Enterprise and Global Management of Information Technology
SECTION I: Managing Information Technology
SECTION II: Managing Global IT
Review Quiz Answers
Selected References
Glossary for Business Professionals
Name Index
Company Index
Subject Index


IRCD to accompany Introduction to Information Systems 13e
ISBN: 0073043567
Author(s): O'BRIEN