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Visual Basic .NET: The Complete Reference

by: Jeffrey R. Shapiro

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,Apr-2002

Category: VB.NET Level:

ISBN: 0072133813
ISBN13: 9780072133813

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Master this massive programming language upgrade that raises Visual Basic functionality to the level of the .NET platform. Coverage includes all core topics--plus security, debugging, and helpful information on migrating existing Visual Basic projects to Visual Basic.NET.

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      The Definitive Resource on Visual Basic .NET

          Take full advantage of all the new features of Visual Basic .NET with help from this comprehensive resource. Inside, youll find in-depth information on the new object-oriented capabilities of Visual Basic .NET and details on the core language, including grammar, control-flow, operators, value-types, classes, interfaces, data structures and collections, delegates, GUI components, threading, and debugging. Youll refer to the extensive details inside this all-inclusive volume regularly as you program with Visual Basic .NET.

                  Program against the .NET Frameworks common language runtime and managed-execution environment

  Build value types and enumerators for industrial-strength code

  Design and implement class hierarchies with inheritance

  Use interfaces for sophisticated algorithms

  Program with Structured Exception Handling (SEH) to create stable applications

  Implement and deploy arrays, linked lists, trees, and other collections

  Use delegates and proven software industry patterns to create highly reusable and adaptable code

  Program against the .NET event and thread models

  Build enterprise business objects and easy-to-maintain flyweight user interfaces

  Learn how COM and .NET objects interoperate

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            PART I: Introduction to Visual Basic.NET

      Ch. 1: Introduction to .NET

      Ch. 2: Visual Basic.NET for Visual Studio

      Ch. 3: Developing with Visual Basic.NET

      Ch. 4: Understanding Object Oriented Programming

      Ch. 5: Object Oriented Programming with VB.NET

        PART II: Programming with Visual Basic.NET

      Ch. 6: Control and Flow

      Ch. 7: Arrays

      Ch. 8: Strings and Characters

      Ch. 9: Data Structures

      Ch. 10: I/O, Streams and Files

      Ch. 11: Basic GUI Components

      Ch. 12: Advanced GUI Components

      Ch. 13: Debugging and Exception Handling

      Ch. 14: Data Access

      Ch. 15: Threading

      Ch. 16: Networking

        PART III: Visual Basic.NET Advanced Concepts

      Ch. 17: Graphics Programming

      Ch. 18: Multimedia, Animation, Audio and Games

      Ch. 19: Transactions and Stateless Engineering

      Ch. 20: Web Services and Remote Invocation

      Ch. 21: ASP.NET Programming Primer

      Ch. 22: Controls and Components

      Ch. 23: Deployment, Help and Documentation

      Ch. 24: Security

      Ch. 25: Porting, Legacy Development and Automation


      Appendix 1: The Language Assemblies

      Appendix 2: Demo Code Reference

      Appendix 3: VB.NET Resources

Table of Contents