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The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, 2nd Edition

by: Taleb Nicholas Nassim

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Retail Price: $24.99

Publisher: PENGUIN,02.06.08

Category: FICTION Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 0141034599
ISBN13: 9780141034591

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The Black Swan is a concept that will change the way you look at the world.

Black Swans underlie almost everything, from the rise of religions, to events in our own lives. A Black Swan is a highly improbable event with three principle characteristics: it's unpredictable; carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random than it was. The astonishing success of Google was a black swan; so was 9/11.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb reveals that we are hard-wired not to truly estimate risk, too vulnerable to the impulse to simplify, narrate, and categorize and not open enough to rewarding those who can imagine the 'impossible'. In this revelatory book, Taleb explains everything we know about what we don't know, and shows us how to face the world.