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Mastering Windows XP Registry

by: Peter Hipson

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Publisher: SYBEX,Apr-2002

Category: Windows XP Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 0782129870
ISBN13: 9780782129878

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Expert Advice for Windows XP Power Users

  Created for Windows power users and anyone who aspires to be one, Mastering Windows XP Registry provides focused, practical coverage of Windows' most important--and most challenging--element: the registry. Inside, you'll learn to customize Windows XP, optimize the network, and avoid scores of potential disasters, all by working with registry settings. If you're a power user, a system administrator, programmer, or consultant, this guide is absolutely essential.

  Coverage includes:

Understanding registry keys and data types

Applying the secrets of the most important registry keys

Adjusting the Windows GUI through registry settings

Using the registry in networking

Optimizing performance by editing registry settings

Working with registry tools

Recovering from disasters

Eliminating unwanted keys, entries, applications, and files

Taking advantage of the registry in your own programs

Tracking registry changes made by applications

Navigating registry entries

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  Part I ˇ Registry Basics

Chapter 1 ˇ What Is a Registry and Why?

Chapter 2 ˇ Readme.1st: Preventing Disaster!

Chapter 3 ˇ Anatomy of the Registry: The Blood, Gore, and Guts

Chapter 4 ˇ Registry Tools and Tips: Getting the Work Done

Chapter 5 ˇ Policies: Good for One, Good for All

  Part II ˇ Advanced Registry Stuff

Chapter 6 ˇ Associations, Linkages, and OLE: How Confusing Can This Get?

Chapter 7 ˇ Why, Oh Why, Are There system.ini and win.ini Files?

Chapter 8 ˇ Getting Rid of the Unwanted

Chapter 9 ˇ Recovering from Disaster, or Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Chapter 10 ˇ Programming and the Registry: A Developer's Paradise?

Chapter 11 ˇ The Performance Monitor Meets the Registry

  Part III ˇ Windows and Office Registry Entries

Chapter 12 ˇ The Windows XP User Interface: Changing How It Looks

Chapter 13 ˇ Networking and Registry System Entries

Chapter 14 ˇ Microsoft Office Entries

  Part IV ˇ The Registry Reference

Chapter 15 ˇ Introduction to HKEY--CLASSES--ROOT

Chapter 16 ˇ Introduction to HKEY--CURRENT--USER and HKEY--USERS

Chapter 17 ˇ Introduction to HKEY--LOCAL--MACHINE

Chapter 18 ˇ Introduction to HKEY--LOCAL--MACHINE\Software

Chapter 19 ˇ Introduction to HKEY--LOCAL--MACHINE\System and HKEY--CURRENT--CONFIG

  Part V ˇ Appendices

Appendix A ˇ Common Hives and Keys

Appendix B ˇ Registry Data Types

Appendix C ˇ Where Can I Get More Help?

Appendix D ˇ Performance Counters

Appendix E ˇ Plug and Play Identifiers

Appendix F ˇ Microsoft Office CLSIDs