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VB.NET & SQL Server 2000 - Building an effective data layer

by: Denise Gosnell, Tony Bain, Jonathon Walsh

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Publisher: WROX PRESS,June 2002

Category: VB.NET Level: I/A

ISBN: 1861007051
ISBN13: 9781861007056

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Book overview

Many VB developers choose SQL Server 2000, a robust enterprise-level database system, to provide the data layer in their applications. The introduction of Microsoft's .NET Framework brings us ADO.NET, the latest means of connecting to that data source.

This book will teach the experienced VB developer, with a working knowledge of Visual Basic .NET, how to integrate SQL Server 2000 with VB .NET applications using ADO.NET.

  ADO.NET introduces .NET classes for:

      Efficient access to multiple data sources

  Data sorting

  Data manipulation

  Improved inter-application communication

      Who is this book for?

If you are an experienced VB developer, capable of writing complex applications and comfortable with the use of T-SQL and stored procedures to manage data in SQL Server (version 7 or above), then this book will provide the practical knowledge you need to develop effective .NET data-centric applications.

  What this book covers

'Building an effective data layer' illustrates how to take advantage of the new features available in the .NET Framework when working with data-centric applications. It covers:

  The key classes and objects in ADO.NET and how to utilize them to access and manipulate data from SQL Server 2000

  How to write and utilize efficient stored procedures, to reduce middle-tier code

  Databinding methods for use in both Windows Forms and Web Form applications

  Transactions and locking management

  Transactions and object pooling