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Visual Basic .NET Text Manipulation Handbook

by: Craig McQueen, Paul Wilton

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Publisher: WROX PRESS,June 2002

Category: VB.NET Level: I/A

ISBN: 1861007302
ISBN13: 9781861007308

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The .NET Framework brings a variety of string manipulation features to the VB language, and some of these, namely regular expressions and the StringBuilder class, are something VB 6 developers may not have seen before. This book teaches you how to manipulate text using these string matching, manipulation, and replacement classes. Issues such as Localization and data conversion will also be investigated.

  Who is this book for?

Every developer has to manipulate text, often on a regular basis. However, even an experienced VB.NET developer may not have fully utilized the various options now made available through the .NET Framework. The StringBuilder class is one that provides much more string manipulation methods than those provided by the String object, whereas regular expressions, although popular in Perl and other UNIX/C-like languages, are unitelligible to those not proficient in this technology. Regular Expressions provide an incoredibly powerful and compact way of matching and replacing text. The Localization chapter deals with ensuring that your application can ported to different languages and character sets.

      Chapter 1: How the System Deals with Text

Chapter 2: String Methods and StringBuilder

Chapter 3: Localization

Chapter 4: String Translation

Chapter 5: Introducing Regular Expressions

Chapter 6: Advanced Regular Expressions

Chapter 7: Regular Expression Patterns

Appendix: Regex Quick Reference