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Visual Basic .NET Solutions Toolkit: Practical Classes for .NET Developers

by: Rockford Lhotka, James Hart, Scott Wylie, Maria Pettit, Jeffrey Cowan, Jeffrey McIntosh, Jeffrey Ferguson, Matthew Miller, Thomas Abraham

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Publisher: WROX PRESS,July 2002

Category: VB.NET Level: I/A

ISBN: 1861007396
ISBN13: 9781861007391

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Book overview

Once you have grasped the basics of Object Oriented design and development, you will still find yourself facing a new blank Visual Studio .NET project file, waiting for inspiration to strike. Visual Basic .NET Class Toolbox is the result of a partnership between Wrox and Magenic, Inc. to bring to you 30 classes, developed for the .NET platform and that you can use as the basis for your development projects.

The aim of the book is threefold. First it is a simple catalogue of code, readily usable (and re-usable) that should allow you to speed up your development time. Second it is a collection of practical classes, not simple examples: these classes have been chosen for their usefulness in everyday coding. And third, by following a structured approach, each class illustrate a particular aspect of .NET Development, enabling you the reader to learn from them and apply these techniques to your own coding.

      Who is this book for?

If you are looking for .NET theory, this book is not for you. The aim of the authors was to provide the reader with a set of practical classes that you can use straight out of the (Tool)box, or from which you can learn some important aspects of .NET development. The aim here was to provide an interesting spread of both techniques and code that would apply to a broad number of Visual Basic .NET Developers. Each class is presented in a rigourous format: 1. Scenario, explains instances where the reader would or could use this class, 2. Technology presents to the reader the areas of the .NET Framework and the techniques that have been used to develop the class, 3. Design presents the design decision that were made by the author, 4. Implementation introduces the code for the class, 5. Demonstration, illustrate the class in action within a simple implementation, 6. Limitations, warns the reader of any possible pitfalls with the class, and 7. Extensions, provides the reader with possible routes for building on the code presented.

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          Here are some of the classes that are included in this book:

  1. Asynchronous Observer Pattern Class

2. Multithreaded Sort Class

3. Compression Class

4. Simple List View Item Sorter Class

5. Autodownloader Class

6. Splash Screen Class

7. Validating TextBox Class

8. Regular Expression Validating TextBox Class

9. Windows Required Field Validator Class

10. Memory Mapped File Class

11. People Searcher Class

12. File System Security Class

13. XML Authentication Class, ...