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Visual Basic .NET (VB.Net) Reflection Handbook

by: James Hart, Benny Mathew, Syed Fahad Gilani, Michael J. Gillespie, Andy Olsen

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Publisher: WROX PRESS,Sep-2002

Category: VB.NET Level: I/A

ISBN: 1861007590
ISBN13: 9781861007599

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Book overview

Reflection is a mechanism provided by .NET that enables developers to make their programs more flexible and dynamic. Reflection makes it possible for applications to be more modular, extensible, and configurable. Building on the basics of object-orientation and the .NET type system, reflection provides mechanisms for dynamically examining, modifying, and even creating objects at run time. .NET also adds the ability for programmers to add attributes to their types, which provide metadata about the type which can be examined and used through reflection at runtime.

This book examines all the ways reflection can be used, and identifies practical applications and important programming techniques that rely upon reflection for their functionality. It covers the reflection API, the use of attributes in .NET, and also looks at the mechanisms .NET provides for dynamic generation of code - all techniques that allow developers to build more flexible, dynamic applications.

      Who is this book for?

The Visual Basic .NET Reflection Handbook lifts the lid on one of the most widely useful aspects of the .NET platform - reflection. In the process, it examines dynamic object creation, attribute-based programming, and code generation. Focusing on practical applications for reflection and attributes, the book exposes a number of key programming techniques that enable developers to build more flexible, extensible, dynamic applications.