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Beginning VB.NET, 2nd edition (Please refer to 0764543849 after June 2003)

by: Thearon Willis, Matthew Reynolds, Richard Blair, Jonathan Crossland

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On-line Price: TBAPaperback w/ Websitepackage, 800

Retail Price: TBA

Publisher: WROX PRESS,August 2002

Category: VB.NET Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 1861007612
ISBN13: 9781861007612

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Does your copy have pages missing?

We have discovered that some copies of Beginning VB.NET 2nd Edition suffered a mishap at the printers and as a result are missing pages 235 to 268, which form part of Chapter 6.

If you have one of these copies then please return it to the book store, who will replace it with an untarnished copy. In the meantime, you can email support@wrox.com requesting a .pdf of 7612: Beginning VB.NET 2nd Edition, chapter 6.

  We are very sorry for this problem. We are currently tracking down the cause, and doing everything we can to stop more faulty copies from being sold.

  Book overview

Visual Basic .NET is the latest version of the most widely used programming language in the world, popular with professional developers and complete beginners alike. This book will teach you Visual Basic .NET from first principles. You'll quickly and easily learn how to write Visual Basic .NET code and create attractive windows and forms for the users of your applications. To get you started on the road to professional development, you'll also learn about object-oriented programming, creating your own controls, working with databases, creating menus, and working with graphics.

  This second edition has been thoroughly tested on the full release version of .NET. The book is written in the proven Wrox beginning style with clear explanations and plenty of code samples. Every new concept is explained thoroughly with Try It Out examples and there are end-of-chapter questions to test yourself.

  This book covers:

      Installing Visual Basic .NET

  How to write Visual Basic .NET code

  What the .NET Framework is and why it's important

  Controlling the flow through your application with loops and branching structures

  Creating useful windows and screens

  Creating your own menus

  A complete introduction to object-oriented programming

  Working with graphics

  Creating your own controls

  Accessing databases with ADO.NET

  Creating applications for the Web

      Who is this book for?

This book is aimed at readers who wish to learn to program using Visual Basic .NET. It assumes you have no prior experience of programming, but moves at a fast enough pace to be interesting if you have programmed in another language.

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