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Advanced 3ds Max 5 Modeling & Animating with CDROM

by: Kulagin, Boris

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Publisher: ,01.04.03

Category: 3D GRAPHICS & ANIMATION Level: I/A

ISBN: 1931769168
ISBN13: 9781931769167

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From the Publisher

  This book contains a unique collection of advanced projects developed with 3ds max 5. It enables readers to realize the full power of the software and improve their skills with step-by-step instructions detailing how to build complex figures and full-motion animation. Addressed to both beginners and skilled users, this book takes the reader from modeling still life to animating photorealistic and fantasy characters in a variety of natural and artificial environments. The project-based lessons are independent from each other and can be studied in any order. Each lesson teaches users not only how to master basic techniques, but also how to create professional projects in 3ds max. Filled with valuable tips to avoid the most common mistakes, special attention is given to 3ds max 5 functions and techniques to improve the efficiency and productivity of 3D Graphics development.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 1

Introduction 3

About This Book 3

Target Readers 3

Doing the Lessons 4

System Requirements 5

Terminology 6

Presets 8

Exclusions 8

Other Sources 9

What Is on the CD-ROM 9

A Little Advice 9

A Small Digression 10

Project I A Lunar Expedition 11

Lesson 1 The Script 13

Lesson 2 Spaceship Modeling 17

Spaceship Geometry Creation 18

Material Creation and Assignment 33

Lesson 3 Modeling the Lunar Module and Rover 54

Living Area Modeling 56

Propulsion Module Modeling 65

Modeling and Adjusting the Landing Props 74

Material Creation and Assignment 92

Lunar Rover Modeling 102

Lesson 4 Modeling and Animating an Astronaut 107

Astronaut Modeling 107

Mapping Coordinates 120

Skeleton Creation and Adjustment 129

Linking the Skeleton with the Model 144

Character Animation 156

Final Adjustment of the Astronaut 164

Lesson 5 Modeling Space and Animating the Flight of the Spaceship 167

Modeling Space 168

Spaceship Flight Animation 172

Camera Tracking 177

Creating and Assigning Materials and Effects 179

Final Assembly of the Scene 194

Lesson 6 Modeling and Animating the Landing on the Moon 196

Approach of the Lunar Module to the Moon 196

Landing on the Moon 206

Lesson 7 Animating the Astronaut and Lunar Rover 240

Animating the Astronaut 240

Animating the Motion of the Rover 251

Lesson 8 Rendering the Scene and Assembling the Movie 257

Rendering Parameters 257

Batch Rendering 269

Assembling the Movie Using the Video Post Module 273

Project II A Living Room 275

Lesson 9 Modeling the Living Room 277

Room Modeling 277

Modeling the Window Frames and Door 292

Modeling Soft Furniture 294

Curtain Modeling 301

Assembling the Scene 304

Lesson 10 Daylight Adjustment 312

Adjusting Daylight without Using the Global Illumination System 312

Adjusting Daylight Using the Global Illumination System 316

Artificial Lighting 329

Lesson 11 Global Lighting Materials 331

Additional Lessons 349

Lesson 12 Navigation in 3ds max Viewports, Object Manipulations, and Special Features 351

Customizing the Viewport Layout 351

Selecting the View in the Viewport 354

Moving the Viewport Display 355

Rotating the Views in the Viewports 356

Zooming Viewport Views 356

Additional Navigation Commands 357

Selecting Objects 357

Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Objects 358

Working with Numeric Parameters 361

Manipulators 362

Lesson 13 Coordinates, Transform Centers, Alignment, and Snaps 364

Coordinate Systems 364

Transform Centers 368

Alignment 370

Snaps 373

Lesson 14 Texture Creation 375

Transparent Textures with Vector Graphics Editors 375

Transparent Textures Using Layer Support 377

Seamless Tiling Textures 379

Spherical Textures 381

Animated Texture Loops 384

Lesson 15 Modeling a Car Body Using a Sketch 386

Preparing Projections 386

Two Methods of Using a Sketch 389

Modeling the Car Body 393

Creating Materials 398

Editing the Texture Mapping Coordinates 401

Lesson 16 Modeling a Human Head 405

Lesson 17 Modeling Lightning and an Electric Discharge 413

Modeling Lightning 413

Modeling an Electric Discharge 420

Lesson 18 Modeling a Soccer Ball 422

Lesson 19 Using 3ds max with Other Autodesk and Discreet Packages 425

Discreet Combustion 425

Autodesk VIZ 428

Discreet Plasma 429

Discreet Gmax 430

Lesson 20 3ds max and Landscape Generators 432

Corel Bryce 5 and E-on Vue D'Esprit 4 432

3D Nature World Construction Set 5 436

Digital Element Animatek World Builder 3 438

Lesson 21 Useful Add-Ons 439

Mesh Tools 440

Domelight 441

Combustion Stuff 443

Painter Modifier 446

SimCloth 446

Unwrap Object Texture 448

f-Edge 449

Surface Blur 451

Internet Resources for Scripts and Plug-Ins 452

Appendixes 453

Appendix A Brief 3D Graphics Glossary 455

General Concepts 455

Modeling 456

Materials 458

Animation 459

Rendering 459

Appendix B Main Keyboard Shortcuts 460

Appendix C Internet Resources 467

Appendix D About the Companion CD-ROM 468

System Requirements 468

Index 469