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CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator

by: Wendell Odom

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Publisher: CISCO PRESS,24.07.09

Category: CCNA 2012 Level: B/I/A

ISBN: 1587202166
ISBN13: 9781587202162

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Features and Benefits


Develop hands-on configuration and troubleshooting skills with this router and switch simulator as you prepare for your CCNA 640-802 exam

  * Powerful network simulator software allows CCNA 640-802 candidates to explore configuration and troubleshooting scenarios in a realistic environment

  * Learn hands-on skills with more than 250 structured labs designed by an expert instructor

  * Saves users hundreds of dollars they would have to spend on real networking gear

Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Skill Builders

Switch CLI Exec Mode

Switch CLI Configuration Process (2 Labs)

Router CLI Exec Mode (2 Labs)

Router CLI Configuration Process

Setting Switch Passwords

Configuring Switch IP Settings

Setting Router Passwords

Configuring Router IP Settings

Configuring Local Usernames

Using and Suspending Telnet Connections

Configuring SSH

Migrating to a New IOS® Image

Setting the Configuration Register

Comparing Configuration Files

Examining the IP Routing Table

Using debug

Testing Using Pings with Hostnames

Ignoring the Startup-config File

Booting a New Router IOS

Terminal History I

Terminal History II

Topology Analysis

Interface Settings (3 Labs)

Switch Forwarding I

Switch IP Connectivity I

VLANs (3 Labs)

Interface Status (4 Labs)

Switch Security (4 Labs)

Configuring IP Addresses (4 Labs)

Connected Routes

Static Routes (4 Labs)

Default Routes

IP Classless

Subnet Zero (2 Labs)

Loopback Interfaces

RIP Configuration (6 Labs)

RIP Verification (2 Labs)

Configuring Hostnames

PC IP Commands (3 Labs)

Serial Link Configuration (4 Labs)

Interface Status (2 Labs)

Configuration Scenarios

The Initial Configuration Dialogue (Setup)

New Job I

Rebuild a Configuration

SSH and Telnet

Switch Interfaces and Forwarding

Switch IP Connectivity

Switch Security

Configuring VLANs

Subnetting and Addressing (3 Labs)

Static Routing (2 Labs)

RIP-2 Configuration (2 Labs)

RIP Auto-summary

Serial Link Configuration I

IP and MAC Address Comparisons

IP Classless

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Switch Forwarding I

Path Analysis I

Port Security

Network Discovery (2 Labs)

IP Addressing and Routing

IP Routing I


Skill Builders

VLAN Configuration (5 Labs)

VTP Configuration (5 Labs)

Trunking Configuration (4 Labs)

STP Analysis (2 Labs)

STP Configuration (3 Labs)


IP Addressing (3 Labs)

Traceroute I

Default Route I

Zero Subnet

Switch IP Address

ACL (6 Labs)

Named ACL (3 Labs)

ACL Analysis I


Routing Analysis I

Traceroute II

EIGRP Serial Configuration (6 Labs)

EIGRP Frame Relay Configuration (3 Labs)

EIGRP Authentication (2 Labs)

EIGRP Route Tuning (4 Labs)

EIGRP Neighbors (3 Labs)

OSPF Serial Configuration (6 Labs)

OSPF Router ID (2 Labs)

OSPF Frame Relay Configuration (3 Labs)

OSPF Authentication (2 Labs)

OSPF Metric Tuning (3 Labs)

OSPF Neighbors (5 Labs)

Serial Configuration (2 Labs)

Serial Authentication (2 Labs)

Frame Relay Configuration (5 Labs)

Frame Relay Verification (3 Labs)

NAT Configuration (7 Labs)

IPv6 Address Configuration (9 Labs)

IPv6 Routing Configuration (3 Labs)

IPv6 Hostnames

Configuration Scenarios


VTP Transparent Mode

VLAN Trunking (2 Labs)

STP Analysis I

STP Configuration II

IP Addressing and Configuration (2 Labs)

IP Default Routing and IP Classless

Default Routes

Standard ACL I

Extended ACL (2 Labs)

OSPF Configuration (3 Labs)

OSPF Metric Manipulation

EIGRP Serial Configuration I

EIGRP Configuration II

EIGRP Metric Manipulation I

EIGRP Variance and Maximum Paths I

Frame Relay Configuration I

Frame Relay Inverse ARP

Frame Relay Correlation

NAT Configuration (2 Labs)

IPv6 Configuration (2 Labs)

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Path Analysis (3 Labs)

Path Troubleshooting (4 Labs)

VLAN Troubleshooting I

OSPF Troubleshooting I

Routing Analysis III

Network Expansion


IP Routing II




About the Authors


Pearson Certification is a publishing imprint born of a tradition of proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped generations of certification exam candidates succeed. Tapping into the exciting new opportunities provided by the technology advances of online learning and web-based services Pearson has created a suite of products and solutions that address the learning, preparation, and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidates. Pearson Certification delivers learning formats ranging from books to online learning and practice services, to network simulators, to video training.

<>CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator

The most effective router and switch simulator for hands-on CCNA® skills enhancement

Covers all CCNA topics

250 labs
8 different lab topologies
3000+ hands-on tasks
Three Unique types of labs

CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator helps you develop and improve hands-on configuration and troubleshooting skills without the investment in expensive lab hardware. This state-of-the-art, interactive simulation software allows you to practice your networking skills with more than 250 structured labs designed to help you learn by doing, the most effective method of learning.

Experience realistic network device response as you work through each of the labs, which include detailed instructions, topology diagrams, hints, and full answers. Unlike other simulators on the market, the lab scenarios included in the CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator are far more complex, challenging you to learn how to perform realistic network configuration and troubleshooting tasks.

This unique network simulation software helps you master the hands-on skills needed to succeed on the CCNA® exam. Topics covered include:

Router and switch navigation and administration
LAN switching
IP addressing
VLANs and trunking
IP routing protocols
Scaling IP

System Requirements:

500 MHz or higher processor
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
500 MB hard drive space
32-bit true color monitor (1024x768 resolution)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3, Microsoft Vista, or Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 or higher
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5.0
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0
Connection to the Internet during installation for access code validation

Category: Cisco® Certification

Covers: CCNA exam 640-802