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CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide

by: Wendell Odom

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Publisher: CISCO PRESS,09.02.10

Category: CCNP 2012 Level:

ISBN: 1587202530
ISBN13: 9781587202537

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Master the CCNP® ROUTE 642-902 exam with this official study guide

  * Assess your knowledge with chapter-opening quizzes

  * Review key concepts with Exam Preparation Tasks

  * Practice with realistic exam questions on the CD-ROM

CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide is a best of breed Cisco® exam study guide that focuses specifically on the objectives for the CCNP® ROUTE exam. Senior instructor and best-selling author Wendell Odom shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.

CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. "Do I Know This Already?" quizzes open each chapter and allow you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks sections help drill you on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

The companion CD-ROM contains a powerful testing engine that allows you to focus on individual topic areas or take complete, timed exams. The assessment engine also tracks your performance and provides feedback on a module-by-module basis, laying out a complete study plan for review.

Well-regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this official study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.

CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide is part of a recommended learning path from Cisco that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led training, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners worldwide, please visit www.cisco.com/go/authorizedtraining

Wendell Odom, CCIE® No. 1624, is a 28-year veteran of the networking industry. He currently works as an independent author of Cisco certification resources and occasional instructor of Cisco authorized training for Skyline ATS. He has worked as a network engineer, consultant, systems engineer, instructor, and course developer. He is the author of several best-selling Cisco certification titles. He maintains lists of current titles, links to Wendell's blogs, and other certification resources at www.TheCertZone.com.

This official study guide helps you master all the topics on the CCNP ROUTE exam, including:

  * Network design, implementation, and verification plans


  * OSPF

  * IGP Redistribution

  * Policy-based routing and IP service-level agreement (IP SLA)

  * BGP

  * IPv6

  * IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence

  * Routing over branch Internet connections

This volume is part of the Official Certification Guide Series from Cisco Press. Books in this series provide officially developed exam preparation materials that offer assessment, review, and practice to help Cisco Career Certification candidates identify weaknesses, concentrate their study efforts, and enhance their confidence as exam day nears.

Table of Contents

  Foreword xxiv

  Introduction xxv

Part I Perspectives on Network Planning

Chapter 1 Planning Tasks for the CCNP Exams 3

  Perspectives on CCNP Exam Topics Related to Planning 3

          CCNP Route Exam Topics That Do Not Require the CLI 4

          Impressions on the Planning Exam Topics 5

  Relating the Exam Topics to a Typical Network Engineer's Job 6

          A Fictitious Company and Networking Staff 6

          The Design Step 7

          Implementation Planning Step 7

          Verification Planning Step 9

          Documenting the Results of the Implementation 10

          Summary of the Role of Network Engineer 10

  How to Prepare for the Planning Topics on the Exams 10

          Planning Preparation: Design Review Table 12

          Planning Preparation: Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 12

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 13

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 13

  Background Information on Implementation and Verification Plans 13

          No Single Plan Style 13

          Typical Elements in an Implementation Plan 14

          Focus for Implementation Plans for CCNP 15

          Structured Implementation Planning Methodologies 15

          Typical Verification Plan Components 16

  Conclusions 16


Chapter 2 EIGRP Overview and Neighbor Relationships 19

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 20

  Foundation Topics 23

  EIGRP CCNA Review 23

          Configuration Review 23

          Verification Review 25

          Internals Review 29

  EIGRP Neighborships 32

          Manipulating EIGRP Hello and Hold Timers 32

          Preventing Unwanted Neighbors Using Passive Interfaces 36

          Controlling Neighborships Using EIGRP Authentication 39

          Controlling Neighborships with Static Configuration 43

          Configuration Settings That Could Prevent Neighbor Relationships 46

  Neighborship over WANs 48

          Neighborship on Frame Relay 49

          Neighborship on MPLS VPN 50

          Neighborship on Metro Ethernet 51

  Exam Preparation Tasks 52

  Planning Practice 52

          Design Review Table 52

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 52

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 53

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 53

  Review All the Key Topics 55

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 55

  Define Key Terms 55

Chapter 3 EIGRP Topology, Routes, and Convergence 57

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 57

  Foundation Topics 60

  Building the EIGRP Topology Table 60

          Seeding the EIGRP Topology Table 60

          The Content of EIGRP Update Message 61

          The EIGRP Update Process 64

          WAN Issues for EIGRP Topology Exchange 65

  Building the IP Routing Table 69

          Calculating the Metrics: Feasible Distance and Reported Distance 69

          EIGRP Metric Tuning 72

  Optimizing EIGRP Convergence 78

          Fast Convergence to Feasible Successors 78

          Converging by Going Active 83

          Unequal Metric Route Load Sharing 88

  Exam Preparation Tasks 92

  Planning Practice 92

          Design Review Table 92

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 92

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 93

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 94

  Review all the Key Topics 94

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 95

  Define Key Terms 95

Chapter 4 EIGRP Route Summarization and Filtering 97

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 97

  Foundation Topics 101

  Route Filtering 101

          Filtering by Referencing ACLs 102

          Filtering by Referencing IP Prefix Lists 105

          Filtering by Using Route Maps 110

  Route Summarization 114

          Route Summarization Design 114

          Configuring EIGRP Route Summarization 120

          Auto-summary 124

  Default Routes 126

          Default Routing to the Internet Router 126

          Default Routing Configuration with EIGRP 127

  Exam Preparation Tasks 132

  Planning Practice 132

          Design Review Table 132

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 132

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 133

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 134

  Review all the Key Topics 134

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 135

  Define Key Terms 135


Chapter 5 OSPF Overview and Neighbor Relationships 137

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 137

  Foundation Topics 140

  OSPF Review 140

          OSPF Link State Concepts 140

          OSPF Configuration Review 144

          OSPF Verification Review 146

          OSPF Feature Summary 149

  OSPF Neighbors and Adjacencies on LANs 149

          Enabling OSPF Neighbor Discovery on LANs 150

          Settings That Must Match for OSPF Neighborship 152

  OSPF Neighbors and Adjacencies on WANs 162

          OSPF Network Types 162

          OSPF Neighborship over Point-to-Point Links 163

          Neighborship over Frame Relay Point-to-Point Subinterfaces 166

          Neighborship on MPLS VPN 166

          Neighborship on Metro Ethernet 167

  Exam Preparation Tasks 170

  Planning Practice 170

          Design Review Table 170

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 170

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 171

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 172

  Review All the Key Topics 173

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 173

  Define Key Terms 173

Chapter 6 OSPF Topology, Routes, and Convergence 175

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 175

  Foundation Topics 179

  LSAs and the OSPF Link State Database 179

          LSA Type 1: Router LSA 180

          LSA Type 2: Network LSA 186

          LSA Type 3: Summary LSA 191

          Limiting the Number of LSAs 195

          Summary of Internal LSA Types 195

  The Database Exchange Process 196

          OSPF Message and Neighbor State Reference 196

          Exchange Without a Designated Router 197

          Exchange with a Designated Router 200

          Flooding Throughout the Area 203

          Periodic Flooding 204

  Choosing the Best OSPF Routes 204

          OSPF Metric Calculation for Internal OSPF Routes 205

          Metric and SPF Calculations 211

          Metric Tuning 212

  Exam Preparation Tasks 215

  Planning Practice 215

          Design Review Table 215

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 215

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 216

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 216

  Review All the Key Topics 218

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 218

  Define Key Terms 218

Chapter 7 OSPF Route Summarization, Filtering, and Default Routing 221

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 221

  Foundation Topics 225

  Route Filtering 225

          Type 3 LSA Filtering 226

          Filtering OSPF Routes Added to the Routing Table 230

  Route Summarization 231

          Manual Summarization at ABRs 232

          Manual Summarization at ASBRs 235

  Default Routes and Stub Areas 236

          Domain-wide Defaults Using the default-information originate

          Command 237

          Stubby Areas 239

  Exam Preparation Tasks 251

  Planning Practice 251

          Design Review Table 251

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 251

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 252

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 253

  Review All the Key Topics 253

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 254

  Define Key Terms 254

Chapter 8 OSPF Virtual Links and Frame Relay Operations 257

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 257

  Foundation Topics 260

  Virtual Links 260

          Understanding OSPF Virtual Link Concepts 260

          Configuring OSPF Virtual Links with No Authentication 262

          Verifying the OSPF Virtual Link 264

          Configuring Virtual Link Authentication 265

  OSPF over Multipoint Frame Relay 267

          IP Subnetting Design over Frame Relay 267

          OSPF Challenges When Using Multipoint 270

          Configuring and Verifying OSPF Operations on Frame Relay 274

  Exam Preparation Tasks 283

  Planning Practice 283

          Design Review Table 283

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 283

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 284

          Choosing Commands for a Verification Plan Table 285

  Review All the Key Topics 285

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 286

  Define Key Terms 286

Part IV Path Control

Chapter 9 Basic IGP Redistribution 289

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 289

  Foundation Topics 292

  Route Redistribution Basics 292

          The Need for Route Redistribution 292

          Redistribution Concepts and Processes 294

  Redistribution into EIGRP 297

          EIGRP redistribute Command Reference 297

          Baseline Configuration for EIGRP Redistribution Examples 298

          Configuring EIGRP Redistribution with Default Metric Components 300

          Verifying EIGRP Redistribution 302

  Redistribution into OSPF 305

          OSPF redistribute Command Reference 305

          Configuring OSPF Redistribution with Minimal Parameters 306

          Setting OSPF Metrics on Redistributed Routes 310

          LSAs and Metrics for External Type 2 Routes 311

          Redistributing into OSPF as E1 Routes 318

          A Brief Comparison of E1 and E2 Routes 319

          External Routes in NSSA Areas 320

  Exam Preparation Tasks 324

  Planning Practice 324

          Design Review Table 324

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 325

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 326

          Choosing Commands for a Verification Plan Table 326

  Review all the Key Topics 327

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 327

  Define Key Terms 327

Chapter 10 Advanced IGP Redistribution 329

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 329

  Foundation Topics 332

  Redistribution with Route Maps and Distribute Lists 332

          Overview of Using route-maps with Redistribution 332

          Filtering Redistributed Routes with Route Maps 334

          Setting Metrics when Redistributing 339

          Setting the External Route Type 343

          Redistribution Filtering with the distribute-list Command 343

  Issues with Multiple Redistribution Points 344

          Preventing Routing Domain Loops with Higher Metrics 345

          Preventing Routing Domain Loops with Administrative Distance 346

          Domain Loop Problems with More than Two Routing Domains 349

  Exam Preparation Tasks 358

  Planning Practice 358

          Design Review Table 358

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 358

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 359

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 360

  Review all the Key Topics 361

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 361

  Define Key Terms 361

Chapter 11 Policy-Based Routing and IP Service Level Agreement 363

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 363

  Foundation Topics 366

  Policy-Based Routing 366

          Matching the Packet and Setting the Route 367

          PBR Configuration Example 368

          How the default Keyword Impacts PBR Logic Ordering 370

          Additional PBR Functions 371

  IP Service-Level Agreement 372

          Understanding IP SLA Concepts 373

          Configuring and Verifying IP SLA 374

          Tracking SLA Operations to Influence Routing 378

  Exam Preparation Tasks 382

  Planning Practice 382

          Design Review Table 382

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 382

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 382

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 383

  Review all the Key Topics 384

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 385

  Definitions of Key Terms 385

Part V BGP

Chapter 12 Internet Connectivity and BGP 387

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 388

  Foundation Topics 390

  The Basics of Internet Routing and Addressing 390

          Public IP Address Assignment 391

          Internet Route Aggregation 392

          The Impact of NAT/PAT 393

          Private IPv4 Addresses and Other Special Addresses 394

  Introduction to BGP 396

          BGP Basics 396

          BGP ASNs and the AS--SEQ Path Attribute 397

          Internal and External BGP 399

          Public and Private ASNs 400

  Outbound Routing Toward the Internet 402

          Comparing BGP and Default Routing for Enterprises 402

          Single Homed 404

          Dual Homed 405

          Single Multihomed 411

          Dual Multihomed 412

  Exam Preparation Tasks 414

  Planning Practice 414

          Design Review Table 414

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 414

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 415

  Review all the Key Topics 415

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 416

  Define Key Terms 416

Chapter 13 External BGP 419

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 419

  Foundation Topics 423

  External BGP for Enterprises 423

          eBGP Neighbor Configuration 423

          BGP Internals and Verifying eBGP Neighbors 430

  Verifying the BGP Table 436

          The BGP Update Message 436

          Examining the BGP Table 438

          Viewing Subsets of the BGP Table 440

  Injecting Routes into BGP for Advertisement to the ISPs 443

          Injecting Routes Using the network Command 443

          The Effect of auto-summary on the BGP network Command 445

          Injecting Routes Using Redistribution 446

  Exam Preparation Tasks 449

  Planning Practice 449

          Design Review Table 449

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 449

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 450

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 451

  Review all the Key Topics 452

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 452

  Define Key Terms 452

Chapter 14 Internal BGP and BGP Route Filtering 455

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 455

  Foundation Topics 459

  Internal BGP Between Internet-Connected Routers 459

          Establishing the Need for iBGP with Two Internet-Connected Routers 459

          Configuring iBGP 460

          Verifying iBGP 463

          Examining iBGP BGP Table Entries 464

          Understanding Next-Hop Reachability Issues with iBGP 468

  Avoiding Routing Loops when Forwarding Toward the Internet 471

          Using an iBGP Mesh 472

          IGP Redistribution and BGP Synchronization 475

  Route Filtering and Clearing BGP Peers 476

          BGP Filtering Overview 476

          Inbound and Outbound BGP Filtering on Prefix/Length 478

          Clearing BGP Neighbors 481

          Displaying the Results of BGP Filtering 483

  Exam Preparation Tasks 486

  Planning Practice 486

          Design Review Table 486

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 487

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 487

          Choosing Commands for a Verification Plan Table 488

  Review all the Key Topics 488

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 489

  Definitions of Key Terms 489

Chapter 15 BGP Path Control 491

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 491

  Foundation Topics 494

  BGP Path Attributes and Best Path Algorithm 494

          BGP Path Attributes 494

          Overview of the BGP Best Path Algorithm 495

          Perspectives on the Core 8 Best Path Steps 498

          Memorization Tips for BGP Best Path 499

  Influencing an Enterprise's Outbound Routes 500

          Influencing BGP Weight 500

          Setting the Local Preference 507

          IP Routes Based on BGP Best Paths 513

          Increasing the Length of the AS--Path Using AS--Path Prepend 517

  Influencing an Enterprise's Inbound Routes with MED 519

          MED Concepts 519

          MED Configuration 521

  Exam Preparation Tasks 523

  Planning Practice 523

          Design Review Table 523

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 523

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 524

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 525

  Review all the Key Topics 526

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 526

  Define Key Terms 526

Part VI IPv6

Chapter 16 IP Version 6 Addressing 529

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 529

  Foundation Topics 532

  Global Unicast Addressing, Routing, and Subnetting 533

          Global Route Aggregation for Efficient Routing 534

          Conventions for Representing IPv6 Addresses 536

          Conventions for Writing IPv6 Prefixes 537

          Global Unicast Prefix Assignment Example 539

          Subnetting Global Unicast IPv6 Addresses Inside an Enterprise 541

          Prefix Terminology 543

  Assigning IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses 544

          Stateful DHCP for IPv6 545

          Stateless Autoconfiguration 545

          Static IPv6 Address Configuration 549

  Survey of IPv6 Addressing 549

          Overview of IPv6 Addressing 550

          Unicast IPv6 Addresses 550

          Multicast and Other Special IPv6 Addresses 553

          Layer 2 Addressing Mapping and Duplicate Address Detection 554

  Configuring IPv6 Addresses on Cisco Routers 556

          Configuring Static IPv6 Addresses on Routers 557

          Multicast Groups Joined by IPv6 Router Interfaces 559

          Connected Routes and Neighbors 560

          The IPv6 Neighbor Table 561

          Stateless Autoconfiguration 561

  Exam Preparation Tasks 563

  Planning Practice 563

          Design Review Table 563

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 563

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 564

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 564

  Review all the Key Topics 565

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 566

  Define Key Terms 566

Chapter 17 IPv6 Routing Protocols and Redistribution 569

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 569

  Foundation Topics 573

  RIP Next Generation (RIPng) 573

          RIPng-Theory and Comparisons to RIP-2 574

          Configuring RIPng 575

          Verifying RIPng 578

  EIGRP for IPv6 581

          EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6-Theory and Comparisons 581

          Configuring EIGRP for IPv6 582

          Verifying EIGRP for IPv6 584

  OSPF Version 3 588

          Comparing OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 588

          Configuring OSPFv3 590

          Verifying OSPFv3 592

  IPv6 IGP Redistribution 595

          Redistributing without Route Maps 596

          Redistributing with Route Maps 598

  Static IPv6 Routes 599

  Exam Preparation Tasks 602

  Planning Practice 602

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 602

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 602

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 603

  Review all the Key Topics 604

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 604

  Define Key Terms 604

Chapter 18 IPv4 and IPv6 Coexistence 607

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 607

  Foundation Topics 611

  IPv4 and IPv6 Migration and Coexistence Concepts 611

          IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stacks 611

          Tunneling 612

          NAT Protocol Translation 617

  Static Point-to-Point IPv6 Tunnels 619

          Manually Configured Tunnels 620

          GRE Tunnels 624

          Point-to-Point IPv6 Tunnel Summary 625

  Dynamic Multipoint IPv6 Tunnels 626

          Automatic 6to4 Tunnels 627

          IPv6 ISATAP Tunnels 634

          Multipoint IPv6 Tunnel Summary 639

  Exam Preparation Tasks 641

  Planning Practice 641

          Design Review Table 641

          Implementation Plan Peer Review Table 642

          Create an Implementation Plan Table 642

          Choose Commands for a Verification Plan Table 643

  Review all the Key Topics 644

  Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory 644

  Define Key Terms 644

Part VII Branch Office Networking

Chapter 19 Routing over Branch Internet Connections 647

  "Do I Know This Already?" Quiz 647

  Foundation Topics 650

  Branch Office Broadband Internet Access 650

          Broadband Internet Access Basics 650

          Branch Router as DHCP Server and Client 652

          Branch Office Security 653

          Using IPsec Tunnels 654

          Branch Routing for the Small Branch 656

          Routing in Medium and Large Branches 657

  Branch Router Configuration for Broadband Access 659

          Understanding DSL Concepts 659

          Configuring DSL 661

          Configuring NAT 663

          Configuring DHCP Server 664

  VPN Configuration 664

          Configuring an IPsec VPN 665

          Configuring GRE Tunnels 666

          Summary-Branch Routing from PC1 to Enterprise Server S1 667

  Exam Preparation Tasks 670

  Planning Practice 670

  Review all the Key Topics 671

  Define Key Terms 671

Part VIII Final Preparation

Chapter 20 Final Preparation 673

  Tools for Final Preparation 673

          Exam Engine and Questions on the CD 673

          Install the Software from the CD 674

          Activate and Download the Practice Exam 674

                  Activating Other Exams 675

          The Cisco Learning Network 675

          Memory Tables 675

          Chapter-Ending Review Tools 676

  Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study 676

          Step 1: Review Key Topics and DIKTA Questions 677

          Step 3: Hands-On Practice 677

          Step 6: Subnetting Practice 677

          Step 7: Use the Exam Engine 678

Summary 679

Part IX Appendixes

Appendix A Answers to "Do I Know This Already?" Quizzes 681

Appendix B Conversion Tables 701

Appendix C Route Exam Updates 705

Index 708

CD-Only Appendixes and Glossary

Appendix D Memory Tables

Appendix E Memory Tables Answer Key

Appendix F Completed Planning Practice Tables


9781587202537, TOC, 1/7/10